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Self-made Car Club Skid Bring New Experiences
  • By Kim Gi hwan,cub-reporter
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▲Car display in front of skid public relations booth

Self-made Car Club Skid has recruited a new members. In our words, skid means 'the best car of rational design'. The Club Skid started in 2000 with a focus on individuals with a major in Mechanical Engineering. Now it has evolved into a larger club with students from Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Robotic Control Field engineering Majors.

Skid's recruitment of new members was Tuesday, 22 March 2022 - Friday, 25 March 2022. It lasted for four days until the end of day on Friday. The first year is targeted at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Control Engineering. The second year will select nine people from the Department of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, and Robot Control engineering. For those who have passed in their document forms, they were interviewed for 4 days beginning Monday, , March 28 2022 to Thursday, March 31 2022. The final announcement was made on Friday, April 1 2022.

Skid's vehicle-specific parts consist of four parts, each of which are divided into internal combustion engines and electric vehicles. The FS-22 is an internal combustion engine fomula vehicle built by fourth-graders and is a high-performance racing machine, using a 600cc motorcycle engine built by Honda, Japan. The EFS-22 is an electric motor-powered electrical fomula vehicle built by third-year students, a monumental model that marks the first step towards the change of Skids that are keeping pace with the rapidly changing evolving automotive market trends.

Skid's award history is the third overall ranking of the 2008 Yongnam University’s International University Student Self-Made Automobile Competition, the victor of the 2010 Yongnam University’s International University Student Self-Made Automobile Competition (Minister of Knowledge Economy Award), and the 2015 KSAE Baja Encouragement Award. The Skid Team builds their vehicle within their own process, except for the engine. The lack of money was covered by the wealthy sponsors through part-time work. They had their own know-how and technical skills to bring to the challenge. In this effort, they were awarded the 6th place in the 2018 PRIME International University Student Self-Made Vehicle Competition at Yongnam University in July 2018 and the 3rd place in the Baja category of the 2018 National Student Self-Made Automobile Competition (KASE), held at Saemangum Gunsan Motor Stadium, in August. The competition is co-hosted by the Korea Automobile Engineering Association (KSAE) and the Korea Automobile Industry Association (KAMA), and is the largest in Korea that is sponsored by domestic automakers, component manufacturers, and related organizations such as Hyundai, Kia, Renault Samseong, and Ssangyong. Thousands of university students from all over the country participated in three categories: the Baja off-road type, Formula, and Electric Vehicles. In particular, the Baja segment is the largest in Korea with over 100 teams, and the Skid team has received excellent scores in various categories such as vehicle inspection, durability, and driving ability. The Skid team's vehicle, "Black Leopard," is rated as excellent value for money when compared to the current market. The Black Leopard uses an engine of 125CC, however, during the 42.195km section of the 18-year competition, it completed without a single straggler. More than half of the vehicles were stopped or straggled in the process, but the Black Leopards were successful. The self-designed gearbox delivered engine power to the rear wheels more efficiently, giving more power than horsepower.

At Changwon University's self-made Car Club Skid, you can create your own cars based on your ingenuity, skills, gain a wealth of knowledge, and have valuable experiences. If you have any questions, you can contact Skid at 010-8254-7987, you can also contact them at 20175053@gs.cwnu.ac.kr. We hope you take this opportunity to seek out a new adventure.

By Kim Gi hwan,cub-reporter  rlghks523@naver.com

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