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Yoon Yeo-jung: Awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress Award with Wit and Consideration
  • By Jung In-hee, reporter
  • 승인 2022.04.10 23:16
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▲ Yoon Yeo-jung and Troy Kotsur, who won the Oscar for Best Actor (Source: Getty Images Korea)

On March 28, actress Yoon Yeo-jung was awarded the Best Supporting Actress Award at the American Academy Awards. She presented the Best Supporting Actor trophy to actor Troy Kotsur in the movie, "CODA." She announced the winner in Sign language, in consideration of him, who is deaf. He also held an award with wit and consideration, while holding the trophy next to him, so that he could present his thoughts in Sign language.

Yoon Yeo-jung was the first Korean actress to win the Best Supporting Actress Award for the movie, "Minari," at the Oscars last year. Following the Oscar’s custom of the previous year's winners announcing awards, she was on stage as a Presenter at the 94th U.S. Academy Awards. The Best Supporting Actor trophy was won by actor Troy Kotsur, who played the role of her father, "Frank," in the film, "CODA." Troy Kotsur recently won the Triple Crown for the first time in history, holding all the Best Supporting Actor trophies from the British Academy Awards, the American Actor Association Awards, and the Critic Choice Awards.

Yoon Yeo-jung, who appeared at the awards ceremony wearing neat hair and a black dress, appeared with a #WithRefugees blue ribbon on her left chest in support of the U.N. Refugee Campaign. Before the awards, she said, "My mother told me that I would reap what I sow and I should have heard it," adding, "When I won the Best Supporting Actress Award last year, I complained that people couldn't pronounce my name properly." When I said, "I apologize in advance for my pronunciation mistakes because it is not easy to pronounce the names of the candidates to be awarded this year," laughter and applause burst out from the audience.

Later, Yoon Yeo-jung's consideration was visible at the time of the award, while announcing the Oscar winner, she moved both hands to speak in Sign language. This is because the announcement of the winner of the award was announced in Sign language, in consideration of Troy Kotsur, who could not hear his name. She also gave a deep hug to Kotsur, who came up to the stage afterwards, allowing him to present his acceptance speech comfortably. Yoon Yeo-jung congratulated him sincerely by holding the trophy directly next to him, so that he could give his acceptance speech in Sign language smoothly, listening intently next to him, while he was giving his acceptance speech. The coach also thanked her for her actions, and the participants in the audience celebrated her award with sign language too, which means celebration instead of applause, raising their hands in place and waving in unison

Upon hearing this, domestic netizens responded by saying, "A person who shows his age with dignity," "The appearance of adults that young people want to see now," and, "A wonderful adult who shows national dignity with one body." She also formed a positive public opinion, saying that she could feel an attitude of love and consideration for people, through the small consideration she showed that demonstrated unity. I hope that Changwon National University students can also live a fulfilled life by practicing these minor considerations and trying to respect the other people they meet.

By Jung In-hee, reporter  sugar3870@naver.com

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