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CWNU’s Club Activities: Flower of Campus Life
  • By Oh Sang-hwa, cub-reporter
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▲ General Clubs’ Association, ‘Attention' (Source: General Clubs’ Association)

From March 15 to 18, there were booths and performances to promote the clubs at CWNU. From the 15th to 17th, a total of 16 clubs held booths to conduct a, ‘stamp tour event.’ On the 18th, three clubs; the dance club ‘E-masters;’ the hip-hop club, ‘4DaBeatz;’ and the cheerleading club, ‘Phoenix,’ gave a performance at Bongrim Student Small Hall. It provided the students, who haven’t fully enjoyed the college life because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a pleasant experience. It was a special opportunity for freshmen who entered in early March, to know which clubs are in CWNU and what kind of activities are conducted.

This event was held by the General Clubs’ Association, ‘Attention.’ The General Clubs’ Association is an independent student organization created to lead a wholesome university culture, by supporting the welfare necessary for creative and independent activities of clubs in various ways. There are presidents, vice-presidents who govern the five departments: Secretariat, Welfare, Planning, Organizing, and Public Relations Bureau. They support funding necessary for club activities and deal with any civil complaints regarding the clubs.

There are 37 clubs in total at CWNU. They are divided into Semi-clubs, Academic, Religion, Liberal Arts, Culture, Volunteer, and Sports Departments. An example of semi-clubs are a voluntary service club, ‘RaOnGoodNe,’ and a marathon club, ‘Face Maker.’ A peace federation club, ‘Unipeace,’ is under the umbrella of the Academic Department. There are also religious clubs for CWNU students who may have various religious backgrounds. They include Christian clubs, ‘CCC,’ ‘SFC,’ ‘IVF,’ ‘Intercop Campus,’ a Catholic club ‘Catholic haksaenghoe,’ and a Buddhist club, ‘Bulgyo haksaenghoe.’

In the Liberal Arts Department, there are, ‘Jaejak,’ who makes plastic models and figurines; ‘Badukjigi,’ a board game club where you can enjoy various board games as well as the game of Go; ‘Mukhyang,’ which does calligraphy and exhibits their work; photograph club, ‘APC.’ There are also six volunteer clubs in the Volunteer Departments that want to conduct volunteer work with others, rather than doing so alone. You can choose from these: an architectural volunteer club, ‘ZIP;’ ‘LEO,’ under the Social Service Group, ‘International Lions Clubs;’ a Youth Red Cross Group ‘RCY;’ ‘Saemaeum,’ which conducts volunteer activities in many different fields; and an overseas volunteering club, ‘Good Newsco.’

The Sports Departments and the Culture Departments are divided into two categories. In the first Sports Departments, there are the bowling club, ‘Ttegul Ttegul,’ the basketball club, ‘Hurrigane,’ the futsal club, ‘Gangyu,’ the soccer club, ‘AHTTY,’ the baseball club, ‘TYPHOON,’ the badminton club, ‘OraeO,’ and the tennis club, ‘CUTC.’ In the second category, there is a Taekwondo club, ‘Seonrang,’ ‘San-akbu,’ for indoor climbing, artificial outer wall climbing, and hiking, and a skin - scuba diving club, ‘CNUSS.’

Lastly, in the first culture departments, there are ‘Hanmadang,’ which plays Samullori and Pungmulnori, play club ‘Geukyesul yeonguhoe,’ mixed dance club ‘E-masters,’ cheerleading club, ‘Phoenix,’ hip-hop club, ‘4DaBeatz,’ and the female dance club, ‘PYHITA.’ In the second category, there is a female band club, ‘She’ll,’ the classical guitar club, ‘Mimi,’ and the mixed band clubs, ‘Comuse,’ ‘Cyprus,’ and, ‘Ttangsarang.’

As the COVID-19 situation continued, there were many restrictions on the active activities of clubs, resulting in a large number of members to withdraw, followed by several clubs being forced to be abolished. Club activities have various functions, such as developing aptitude for the field of interest, experiencing different experiences, and being able to relieve academic stress in a wholesome way. You can easily and quickly get club information and club-related events on Instagram of the General Clubs’ Association (@cwnu_attention_38th). If you want to make your college life more fruitful and beneficial, it is highly recommended to find a club you are interested in and join.

By Oh Sang-hwa, cub-reporter  osw8768@naver.com

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