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Incheon International Airport: First Time to Join Global RE100 Among Asia International Airports
  • By Jung In-hee, reporter
  • 승인 2022.03.14 10:01
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▲ Global RE100 Initiation Ceremony (Source: Incheon International Airport Corporation)

On the 25th, Incheon International Airport Corporation announced that Incheon International Airport joined the, "RE100," for the first time, as an Asian airport. The Initiation Ceremony was signed under the, "RE100 Joint Promotion Agreement," with Incheon Airport Facility Management, Incheon Airport Operation Service, Incheon Airport Energy, and Incheon International Airport Security, to secure the driving force for the implementation of RE100. Incheon Airport's joining of the Global RE100 is to present new interests and visions for the Aviation Industry, which has been stagnant due to COVID-19.

RE100 (Renewable Electricity 100%) is a global eco-friendly campaign led by The Climate Group (TCG) and Carbon Disclosure Plan (CDP), a British non-profit environmental organization. Its goal is to convert 100% of the power used by companies into renewable energy by 2050. Incheon International Airport went through a strict five-month screening process, including pre-qualification tests and management interviews. Since then, it has been listed on the list of companies that joined RE100 for the first time among Asian airports and the third time among global airports, following Heathrow and Gatwick airports in the UK. Currently, more than 350 companies around the world, including Apple, Google, and Microsoft, are registered in the Global RE100, and 14 companies, including Amorepacific and SK Telecom, are participating in the Global RE100.

The representative of TCG, Sam Kimmins, congratulated Incheon International Airport's joining of RE100, saying, "The joining of Incheon Airport is to serve as an opportunity for Incheon Airport to take the lead in eco-friendly leadership in the airport sector." With the amalgamation of the Global RE100, Incheon International Airport, announced that it will supply 60% of Incheon International Airport's electricity consumption by 2030 and 100% of it as renewable energy such as solar and geothermal energy by 2040. This is a challenging goal, 10 years ahead of the current RE100's recommended standard of achieving full use of renewable energy sources by 2050.

First, the corporation took the lead in revitalizing the Green Mobility Sector by establishing the largest hydrogen car charging station in Korea, located near the second passenger terminal. In addition, solar energy facilities are installed at the second passenger terminal to supply renewable energy, promoting the transition to an eco-friendly airport. In the first half of this year, the supply of renewable energy will be expanded by creating a large-scale solar power complex, in a reservoir located near the airport. It will also establish specific action plans for the implementation of RE100 through research services within this year.

"Based on this Global RE100 subscription, we plan to actively discover and implement related projects such as expanding renewable energy, preparing for the Hydrogen Aircraft Industry, and building a bio-aviation fuel infrastructure," “Incheon Airport will achieve carbon neutrality in the field of aviation by jumping to the airport's renewable energy independence in front of the leaders in the age of the aircraft industry will, and expanding renewable energy, as well as hydrogen and bio-aviation fuel infrastructure, green businesses will positively run.” said Kim Kyung-wook, President of Incheon International Airport Corporation.

In January, Incheon International Airport Corporation designated 2022 a year for Incheon Airport to leap again into the future by announcing 10 core businesses centered on normalizing airport operations, strengthening airport competitiveness, and a sustainable future of growth. As part of this, the goal was to realize an eco-friendly energy independent airport, through RE100 subscription. Through the step-by-step implementation of RE100, the use of renewable energy at Incheon International Airport, can be expanded to achieve the No. 1 Energy Independence at Northeast Asian airports. If so, it will greatly contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of future airports, such as the corporation's overseas business order activities.

By Jung In-hee, reporter  sugar3870@naver.com

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