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Where's the Best Restaurant of CWNU?
  • By Oh Sang-hwa, cub-reporter
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At CWNU, because of the COVID-19 crisis, students have been taking online classes for two years. However, from the first semester of 2022, the government made it a rule to conduct face-to-face classes. With the entrance of freshmen, in addition to the current student population, the campus is crowded with students going to class, with the number of students entering the dormitory has increased. Therefore, the role of restaurants in front of CWNU, where they are taking charge of students’ meals, for students to know about the restaurants, is very important. However, freshmen, commuting students, and international students don’t know what kind of restaurants are in front of the university, where the good restaurants are, and which menu is delicious. For a satisfactory meal for all students, therefore, CWNU students were asked about which one is the best restaurant, which delivery food restaurant is acceptable, and which restaurant is convenient to eat alone in.

The best top 3 restaurants in front of CWNU selected by 28 students are a total of 40. Most of all, “Rabbit Table,” was mentioned the most with 8 votes. Bacon cream risotto, rose pasta, and vongole spaghetti are famous dishes there. “Ji Yu,” with 7 votes, is a Japanese restaurant famous for bowls of rice with salmon, rice with beef, or rice with chicken. “Rico Rico,” with 6 votes, sells burritos, a Mexican food, and has the advantage of allowing customers the ability to choose the contents they want. “Dajeong Damat,” famous for soft tofu stew and stir-fried octopus; kimchi stew at, “Warm Table”; and boneless braised chicken with cheese at, “Master’s Braised Chicken,” received 5 votes.

Next, students were asked about the best top 3 delivery food restaurants for students living in dormitories. A total of 50 restaurants were mentioned with, “Rice chicken,” receiving 5 votes, taking first place. There are many students who prefer chicken at, “Ttang Ttang Chicken,” “Oh Tae-sik Sunflower Chicken,” and, “Pizza Land Chicken Princess,” or stew at, “Changwon Restaurant,” “Ddeokjeon Kimchi Stew,” and “Gusam Jjagueli.” There are Chinese restaurants serving dishes that include jjajangmyeon and jjamppong at, “Wangsseonghae,” “Emperor’s Jumbo-Sized Jjajang,” and, “Jangdok Jjajang,” Additionally, malatang at, “Tanghwa Kungfu,” “Wonshin Malatang,” and “Soo Hot pot.”

Lastly, students selected the top 3 restaurants that are convenient for eating alone. Students who are not used to eating alone are reluctant to do so, therefore, restaurants suitable for such students are in front of the university. “Rico Rico,” topped the list with 10 votes. “Alchon,” selling various rice dishes with fish roe received 8 votes, and “Gyeongdae Cup Rice,” received 7 votes. “Bongousse Rice Burger,” “Shoubu ramen,” and, “Mom’s Touch,” were also selected as the best places to eat alone. Eating alone is more sanitary and helpful in preventing the spread of COVID-19, it’s rather beneficial to eat alone in a COVID-19 era.

On the other hand, students were also asked how often CWNU’s cafeteria is used, however, 78.6% of the 28 students answered that they don’t use it. There were various reasons why. First, it’s not tasty to their palate (39.3%). Second, there is not a variety of menus to choose from (28.6%). Third, it’s s too far away to be beneficial (17.9%). Besides, there are reasons that it’s too expensive and unhygienic. The cafeteria exists for students, but there are more students who don’t use it than who use it. If the quality of taste and the variety of menus are improved, it can be a convenient cafeteria responsible for students’ meals.

New restaurants continue to emerge actively near CWNU. There are restaurants that sell food at low prices that students wouldn’t feel burdened with, that are good for eating alone, and that offer discounts if students present their student ID cards, thus the quality of students’ meals are increasing. Hoping that restaurants will continue to operate actively for students’ pleasant school life and delightful mealtime.

By Oh Sang-hwa, cub-reporter  osw8768@naver.com

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