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LINC+ Project Group Supporters' Completion Ceremony
  • By Shin Jeong-eun,cub-reporter
  • 승인 2022.03.14 10:03
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▲ Student Supporters of the LINC+ Project Group are holding a Completion Ceremony Certificate (Source: CWNU LINC+ Project Group)

Changwon National University's LINC+ Project Group, held the 2021 LINC+ Project Group Supporters Completion Ceremony at the Industry-Academic Cooperation Center, on the 23rd February. LINC+ Project Group supporters were divided into, "4th Student Supporters LINGPLE+," and, "3rd Small and Medium-sized Business Supporters," from June to December 2021. 4th LINGPLE+, CWNU's LINC+ Student Supporters, launched a wide range of online and offline programs, to deliver various news and information of the project group, including card news and video production, coverage and article writing, and SNS activities. We heard the story of Hwang Hee-sun, a student who completed the LINC+ Student Supporters' "4th LINGPLE+."

Q: Please briefly introduce yourself.

Hwang: Hello! I'm Hwang Hee-sun, a 2017 major in Industrial Design, who graduated this year.

Q: What made you apply for LINC+ Supporters?

Hwang: I used to participate often because I was interested in school programs. Unfortunately, there were some programs I found after the participation period. Additionally, I always thought it was a pity to see too many classmates because I didn't even know the existence of a useful program. I applied with the desire to participate in the program, to increase participation and widen interest in the program by producing and promoting promotional materials.

Q: What did LINC+ Supporters do?

Hwang: LINC+ Supporters is in charge of promoting LINC+ Project Group and its programs. I applied for Graphic Design and was in charge of producing most promotional materials. Thanks to the free atmosphere, in addition to the field of support, I was in charge of various duties such as center interviews, event coverage, promotional video production, and SNS promotion with my friends.

Q: What was the most memorable activity you did in the 4th LINGPLE+?

Hwang: I think there were many good activities that were fun and helped me personally grow because I could work in various fields other than my major. If I have to choose one, the most memorable activity would be the promotional banner I made as a design is on the website of the LINC+ Project Group.

Q: Please tell us how you feel about the last activity.

Hwang: It seems to have passed by in parallel with the preparation for the graduation exhibition. Before going out into society, I am very grateful to have been able to participate in LINC+ Supporters with various experiences and challenging minds that push students to help them see what they can do. I'd like to express my gratitude to Ko Jin-man and Kim Min-hee for always taking care of me.

Changwon University's LINC+ Project Group has a vision of, "realizing community development and youth job creation by fostering and supporting global small and medium-sized companies based on leading social demand and industry-academic cooperation." Comparative programs operated by the LINC+ project include LINC+ Student Supporters, small and medium-sized business supporters, convergence capstone design, adventure design, start-up clubs, and field training. Meanwhile, the LINC+ Project Group is promoting a new project called, 'LINC 3.0'. "LINC 3.0," is the third stage of the, "LINC Project for Industry-Academic Cooperation Leading University," and the supporters said they plan to operate a supporters program similar to the 4th LINGPLE+, once the, "LINC 3.0," project is selected. We hope that LINC 3.0 to be operated in the future will also be operated successfully, and that it will be actively used by classmates to expand their global portfolios.

By Shin Jeong-eun,cub-reporter  jes203id@gmail.com

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