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Student Dormitory Building 1:At The Center of Controversy
  • By Seo Ji-min, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2022.03.14 09:59
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▲This is a photograph of the room in 1 (Extension building) of the student dormitory (Source: Changwon National University Student dormitory website)

The Student Dormitory of Changwon National University consists of a total of seven buildings. Each building is equipped with various amenities and strives to provide a pleasant living environment for enrolled students. In addition, dormitory Building 1 completed the extension and remodeling process this year, and students will be admitted in earnest from the first semester of 2022. However, since the reorganization, heated discussions have been made among students on the subject of gender change in one student dormitory in Building 1 and differences in facilities between remodeling and extension buildings inside Building 1.

It is known that female students will use the Student dormitory 1 that has completed construction first, and various students' opinions poured out in the online school community "Every Time." In the case of the existing student dormitory, Buildings 1 , 2, and 6 were used by male students, Buildings 3, 4, and 5 were used by female students, and Building 7 was used as a shared dormitory for men and women. However, after the expansion of the Building 1, the gender of each building was changed in order to use Building 4 as a COVID-19 Life Treatment Center, with Buildings 2, 6, and 7 for male students and Buildings 1, 3, and 5 for female students. In response, some students complained that male students should use Building 1 even after reorganization because male students continued to use one building, which was an old facility before remodeling. As these voices of dissatisfaction grew, the school's student Dormitory Administrative Office dismissed the controversy, saying, "The height of the ceiling in the room became lower than before in the process of remodeling Dormitory 1, and it is expected to be inconvenient for tall male students."

Following the controversy over the gender of building use, building of the Dormitory 1 was embroiled in controversy over the difference between the remodeling building and the extension building in the Dormitory 1. All female students who applied for Building 1 of the Student Living Center paid the same amount and were randomly assigned floors and rooms. However, it is known that there is a clear difference in the quality of facilities in the remodeling and extension buildings, and it has been argued that there must be a difference in amount according to the room allocation results, and that the current random room allocation method is unfair. In the case of the remodeling room, the differences were mainly that it was larger than the extension building and the room was separated, making it relatively easy to have personal space separate from their roommate. Even outside the private room, differences in various facilities such as the absence of water purifiers, and the presence or absence of reading rooms and laundry rooms were revealed. Even a classmate, who said she was living in an extension building in Building 1, posted a message on 'Every Time' that said that if someone used water, such as taking a shower in the bathroom upstairs, a leak would occur on the ceiling of her room, further raising complaints. In the wake of a series of phone calls from female students, the school Dormitory Administration Office said there were other facilities such as water purifiers scheduled to be installed and completed, and is trying to reflect various opinions on the list of other issues raised by students.

In order to make the students' dormitory more comfortable, the school showed efforts, such as reorganizing the original student dormitory. However, it is regrettable that the confusion among the students would have calmed down faster if there had been rapid and accurate additional guidance from the school when a number of complaints from students were raised. As the new semester of the new year is bright, It is hoped that many students living in the student dormitory, which contains the heart of our school to pray for the development of students, will achieve educational and internal growth.

By Seo Ji-min, cub-reporter  jmseo1215@naver.com

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