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Buddy: Your Special Friend
  • By Oh Sang-hwa, cub-reporter
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▲ Buddy Program (source: @cwnu_isc, instagram)

As of April 1st, 2021, the number of international students at CWNU is 246. However, the exchange between international students and Korean students is not actively being done. Not only do they not know each other well, but also opportunities for communication are gradually decreasing. Therefore, International Affairs are providing a, ‘Buddy Program,’ annually to offer global communication to CWNU students. The ‘Buddy’ of Buddy Program means fellows, best friends, sisters, and brothers. The program aims to make a cultural exchange between Korean students and foreign students, to ensure they become sincere friends. Korean students can make foreign friends and experience the cultures of others indirectly. Also, by having an exchange with Korean students, foreign students can learn the Korean language and Korean culture more easily. Kim Hyo-bin, who participated in the Buddy Program last year, explained the details of the program.

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Kim: Hi. I’m Kim Hyo-bin, a fourth year student, in the Department of English Language and Literature.

Q. What made you participate in the Buddy Program?

Kim: I didn’t have a chance to make foreign friends, however, I found an advertisement on a card that promoted the Buddy Program. Therefore, I applied because I wanted to improve my conversational skills by speaking with them in English.

Q: What kind of activities did you do with your Buddy?

Kim: We usually met near the university and had various talks about each other’s cultures and difficulties after coming to Korea. Besides, I helped them to adapt by introducing them to must-eat places near the university that they didn’t know well beforehand.

Q: Is there anything you felt or gained from the Buddy Program?

Kim: It was very new and nice to be able to get to know a completely different type of friend. Especially, because it is very rare to talk in English in everyday life. I think it was a good experience to improve conversational skills, by making foreign friends.

Q: Why do you want to recommend the Buddy Program to CWNU students?

Kim: First, it’s good to be able to have a wider spectrum of human relationships. It was also a benefit to do activities freely, with spontaneity. Not only are opportunities to make foreign friends rare, but the experience of speaking in English in daily life will be of great help to students.

The importance of communication with foreigners in the global era is growing day by day. Exchange activities between Korean students and international students promote CWNU students’ understanding of the multicultural society and help them to develop their global talents to become global citizens. The International Students Council (ISC) conducts various international exchange programs, along with a Buddy Program. Therefore, it requires a lot of CWNU students’ interest and participation. If you follow the ISC account (@cwnu_isc) on Instagram, you can quickly and easily access information about the programs. In addition, if you search, ‘CWNU ISC,’ on YouTube, you can watch the programs thus far and view the details of the ISC.

By Oh Sang-hwa, cub-reporter  osw8768@naver.com

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