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CWNU's New Students, New Changes
  • By Jung In-hee, reporter
  • 승인 2022.03.02 08:47
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▲ CWNU’s map (Source: CWNU)

In March 2022, freshmen from the 22nd grade will enter Changwon National University. It is better to know the location and distance of buildings in advance. This is because university students take classes while walking to various lecture rooms. Therefore, freshmen who come to school for the first time, will need a period of adaptation after school begins. In addition, it may be confusing due to changes in several facilities before and after the opening of a course. Therefore, it will be easier to adapt if you familiarize yourself with how to use the CWNU Portal Website and find the location of the buildings in advance.

First, Changwon National University, Waagle, is the University's Portal site that provides various information. In the case of freshmen, they can login by entering their School Number as their ID and the back number of their Resident Registration number as their password. If you enter in Waagle's, Academic Information, you can check class timetables, lecture evaluations, grade readings, multiple majors, scholarships and registration. E-campus, is a place where online lectures conducted by CWNU are uploaded for viewing. If the class is conducted non-face-to-face, you can access the site. Dream Catch, is a student competency development system that allows to check detailed information on competency. In addition, there are various programs for competency development, such as the Smart Program, applications for inspection and counseling, conducted by the General Human Resource Development Center. In, E-dream, there is not only competency diagnosis and counseling, but also applications for various programs that can accumulate non-subject mileage are available.

The library is a suitable place to find necessary materials or spend personal time. In 2021, various facilities such as study rooms on the first and second floors, and a cafe in the library, were remodeled. To enter the library, you need to scan the barcode on your Student ID card. However, if you download an application called, “Clicker”, you can access it using a mobile card. “Clicker,” can be logged in by entering your School Number as an ID and the first 7 numbers of your Resident Registration number as a password. Unlike seats on the first and second floors, seats on the third, fourth, and fifth study rooms must be assigned in advance to be used. Study rooms can be booked through a machine located next to the Information Desk on the first floor of the library. However, when using the, “Clicker,” application you can conveniently assign your seat to your mobile phone number. The Library has, “Maker Agit,” a joint equipment utilization center. If you access CWNU Maker Agit site, you can apply for a facility tour, equipment training for items, such as 3D printers, hardeners, or rentals. In addition, on CWNU Maker's Day, programs such as woodcrafts and macrame crafts are held.

From the first semester of 2022, 1-Dong Student Dormitory, completed remodeling and new construction, and students applied for employment. The building can accommodate 400 female undergraduate and graduate school students. It is used as a one-room structure for two people. If you are curious, regarding further detailed information on this, you can find more on the Changwon University Student Dormitory website. The remodeling work of the, College of Economics & Business building, has also been completed. When construction was underway, the College of Economics & Business, which used to use building No. 98, was moved to its original location. However, the earthquake-resistant construction of the College of Humanities began, and from this year, the College of Humanities temporarily used the No. 98 building. During the previous winter vacation, construction of a bus stop near the main gate of the school began. It is expected that the school image will be improved by changing the last stop of CWNU located at the main gate, which is also the face of the school. Additionally, a rotary is being installed at the intersection next to the library of CWNU's last stop. When the construction is completed, traffic congestion during rush hour will be eased.

Currently, it has become difficult to proceed with various face-to-face events and programs. Meetings between seniors and juniors have not been as active as before. Therefore, the need for active efforts by students for a substantial college life has increased. If you are interested in school and have various experiences, you will be able to quickly adapt to school life and finish the semester with pride. It is hoped that the 2022 freshmen spend a semester at CWNU, which is gradually changing comfortably, without panic.

By Jung In-hee, reporter  sugar3870@naver.com

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