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The Idea Contest for Commercialization of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology from Universe Care Team Leader, Lee Soo-kyun
  • By Jo Soo-bin, editor-in-chief
  • 승인 2021.10.31 23:02
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▲ UNIVERSE CARE Team Members (From the left, Choi Jong-geun, Lee Soo-kyun, Kim Dong-seok, Kim Yu-jin)

On September 30, the, "Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology Commercialization Idea Contest," was held as part of the ICT Innovation Square Diffusion Project. The contest was held to evaluate the business feasibility, innovation, and technology of ideas through the submission of new ideas in the form of business plans and non-face-to-face presentations. In addition, the contest’s field is largely divided into Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain fields, and is subdivided into general and student departments. This contest was hosted by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency and organized by the Korean Association for ICT Promotion. The "NE" Team, which presented braille services and learning device services for the visually impaired using artificial intelligence, won the Best Artificial Intelligence Award, and the, "Universe Care" Team, which presented problems and solutions arising from court medical records through the use of blockchain, was honored with winning the Blockchain Grand Prize. The Campus Journal heard various stories related to the competition from Lee Soo-kyun, the Team Leader of the Universe Care Team.

When asked why he participated, Lee Soo-kyun (Department of Information and Communication Engineering, 16th), Team Leader of the Universe Care Team, said, "I often shared ideas that I encountered in my daily life and thought vaguely with my team members. I was able to complete the idea by having the experience of talking about it in front of professors and corporate representatives. Meanwhile, a professor recommended the competition, and our team, who knew the importance of opportunities, decided to participate in organizing the ideas that had been accumulated without hesitation.”

The idea of the Universe Care Team, which applied the concept of the blockchain technology, can be expressed as an, 'unmanufactured medical certificate'. In Korea, an aging society, there is a system called, "long-term care insurance for the elderly," to reduce the burden of supporting the population who has difficulty in production activities. However, the form of insurance is different from the way we receive health insurance. This is because the task of nursing care does not include accurate calculations, such as medical expenses and drug prices. Therefore, it records what services the nursing home provided to receive insurance claims, and continues to support the National Health Insurance Service. The issue is that the record is managed by a person, not a machine, and there are inherent risks that can lead to National Treasury losses and damages to recipients. The system proposed by the Universe Care Team records data generated while supporting the elderly on the blockchain and computerizes the insurance payments accordingly, making it impossible to manipulate documents maliciously. Ultimately, it will help Korea achieve a healthier aging society, by utilizing the technology of blockchain.

Asked why he was able to perform well in the contest, Lee Soo-kyun replied, "I think the biggest reason is that the team members' active ideas and feedback on them were actively made. When the deadline was just around the corner, the team members realized that their understanding of the ideas were different and when faced with a crisis, they were able to do their best until the end, through sincere conversations.” The Universe Care Team won the Grand Prize and got a chance to compete in the national contest as a representative of Gyeongnam.

Finally, Team Leader Lee Soo-kyun said, "I would like to express my gratitude to many people who helped our team, including professors, in this competition, which will remain a good experience and a passionate challenge." He also delivered a message of support to his juniors, who were worried about preparing for employment by saying, "If you're hesitant because you haven't decided on the answer to your career path, I recommend you go out of school. Experience various competitions and meet many people, such as this contest, and it can be an opportunity to dream of what you want to achieve in the future. Guaranteed employment is difficult, but at least when you are worried about what to do, if you try anything rather than spending time just thinking about your worries, it will remain a valuable experience to reflect on later. I'll cheer for you, who will take steps towards your future, knowing that you're more confident than anyone else.”

Through team leader Lee Soo-kyun, we heard various stories related to the contest. We applaud the "NE" Team and the, "Universe Care" Team that shone through this competition, and we will continue to support their next steps.

By Jo Soo-bin, editor-in-chief  hyun185415@naver.com

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