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CWNU Facilitate Student Convenience Through Improvement of Library Facilities.
  • By Park Hyun-jong, reporter
  • 승인 2021.10.11 00:14
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▲The Central Library of CWNU Renovated as a Student-Centered Facility (Source : Waagle)

Since 2020, when COVID-19 began to spread, the number of students visiting the Central Library of Changwon University, has decreased significantly. CWNU renovated the Central Library for next-generation education, during the social distancing period, when the library showed a low utilization rate. The existing Central Library building opened in 2012 and it is a relatively new building, however, as time passed since its opening, the library became notorious for its lack of spaces to rest, and its impractical utilization of space.

CWNU accepted the opinions of university members and consulted with experts to improve the library's facilities, to make it a student-centered space, by conducting special efforts to improve the facilities. As the first and second floors are the most frequently used place by students, they were specially renovated for them. The entrance gate has been expanded, so that many students do not have to wait for a long time due to congestion. This will minimize inconveniences in the coming and going of daily life. The Cafe has been transformed into a place where students can study and communicate with colleagues. In addition, the reading room on the first floor has been improved into a space where students can discuss employment options and start-ups. It is described as a, “One-stop service area for student customized start-ups and employment supporting center.” Furthermore, the desks and chairs in the reading room were completely replaced to enhance the comfort of students, who will sit and study for a long period of time.

In the past, all desks were designed for self-study. Students had to sit in separate seats, no matter what students were studying or how many students they studied with. After renovations, places for group-studying and team meetings had been created with various desk and chair arrangements, which now has the capacity to accommodate several people. Places where students can rest have also been set up on each floor, creating areas for relaxation and refreshment. Like, “Kagong,” which is a Korean word meaning, “studying in the café while drinking coffee” CWNU Central Library has been transformed into a pleasant and comfortable space, expected to attract, “Kagong,” people.

CWNU Central Library is receiving favorable reviews, as it is the newly renovated library of students; for students. One student who visited said, “I visited the library for the first time in a long time, and I was surprised that the facility has been changed to resemble a study café.” The newly renovated facility is specially designed to help students concentrate well, which leads to improvement of learning efficiency. Particularly, the library is electric device friendly. Thus, enabling students to deal with online education, by installing individual power outlets, which are provided on each seat.

Lee Ho-young, the president of CWNU said, ”We hope that the library of our university will be reborn as a place for learning, creative communication, and co-operation, not just a mere place for studying.”

Due to the long-lasting COVID-19 situation, there is a strong concern that learning efficiency may decrease because of the endless online lectures. The library renovation, which actively accepted the feedback that itㅠlacked places to rest, with uncomfortable desks and chairs, is expected to be of a great help to the learning efficiency of students of CWNU. Based on excellent library facilities, it is expected that students will be able to have a great environment for studying, without paying additional costs to go to study-cafes. It is hoped that the university’s student-centered investment will continue to overcome the crisis caused by the decreasing population of students, as CWNU is a local National University

By Park Hyun-jong, reporter  tommyhil4444@gmail.com

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