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Graduate School of Education: A Story from Changwon University Graduates
  • By Jo Soo-bin, editor-in-chief
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▲ Graduate Kwon Nan-young to celebrate graduation ceremony.

It has been more than a month since the second semester began with the opening of the school in September. The second semester, which is relatively short compared to the first semester, will pass quickly with busy daily life as usual. The end of the second semester is approaching and there will be a new start for prospective freshmen. However, it is the end of college life for undergraduates, especially fourth years. The end will be another beginning, but many enrolled students will have a lot of worries about how to start a new beginning. Students, who are more seriously concerned about their future than ever, are largely divided into two branches: post-graduate studies and employment. Some of them are worried about graduate school. The Campus Journal met a graduate of Changwon University, who is currently attending graduate school for the third semester.

Q: Please introduce yourself.

Kwon: Hello. I am Kwon Nan-young, who graduated from Changwon University's Department of English Language and Literature. I am attending Gyeongsang National University Graduate School of Education.

Q: What made you decide to go to graduate school?

Kwon: I chose to go to graduate school because I wanted to be a teacher. Also, I decided to go to graduate school because I thought I could teach English better by learning English Language and Literature in university, and learning English Education based on my previous knowledge.

Q: Why did you choose the Department of English Education among the various majors in graduate school?

Kwon: I really like children and teaching. Also, I went to the Department of English Education because I wanted to be a good teacher based on my affection for children and my skills in English, which is my undergraduate major. If I become a teacher, I will continue to work hard to improve students' English skills and grades with excellent teaching methods. However, a ‘good teacher,’ I think is not a teacher who only teaches knowledge of subjects aimed at improving English skills, but also a teacher who has a good influence on students in everyday life. When students learn the subject of English, I would like to teach understanding-oriented classes, not cramming learning methods that they only memorize. Sometimes, I want to be a teacher with the elements of "fun" while explaining the culture of the English-speaking world that I learned in the Department of English Literature. To do this, having knowledge is important, but I think knowing how to educate is also important. Therefore, I majored in English Education at the Graduate School of Education.

Q: How did you prepare for the graduate school entrance?

Kwon: When I was an undergraduate, I not only took education-related classes in the Department of English Language and Literature, but also took all education-related classes that could be taken among classes in Liberal Arts or other departments. In addition, studying English Education studies conducted by the professor of English Language and Literature, was very helpful.

Q: What is the overall curriculum of the Graduate School of English Education?

Kwon: Classes are largely divided into teaching profession subjects and English education majors. First, teaching profession subjects are classes that all pedagogical students take, and are basic classes that they need to know to become teachers, such as teaching practices and administration. Second, there are classes that improve how to teach English and basic skills to teach English.

Q: How is your graduate school life thus far?

Kwon: From what I have felt so far, after going to graduate school, I think there is a great sense of responsibility because I have to find and study everything on my own. I have a lot of responsibility for choosing my current major, and at the same time however, it seems to be more rewarding. An unfortunate issue is that I have been attending graduate school for the third semester now, but I haven't been able to do many face-to-face classes because of the COVID-19 situation. It is regrettable that there are not many chances for direct communication to make memories with colleagues and professors in graduate school life, due to non-face-to-face classes.

Q: What are your specific plans after graduating from graduate school?

Kwon: After graduating from graduate school, I was originally aiming only for the appointment examination, but as I’ve studied in graduate school, I am considering other careers. I think classes in a way that fosters students' thoughts are important, so I want to teach classes at my academy in this way of education, the kind that I want.

Q: What is the last thing you want to say to Changwon University students who are considering going to graduate school?

Kwon: The advantage of going to graduate school is that you can study deeply and gain more professional knowledge about your chosen major. In addition, entering the Graduate School of Education provides an opportunity to prepare for the future, by thinking deeper and experiencing various things about teaching. If there is anything you want to do, I hope you achieve it through courageous challenges and efforts, rather than giving up what you want to do by compromising with your surroundings.

▲ Graduate Kwon Nan-young to celebrate graduation ceremony.

By Jo Soo-bin, editor-in-chief  hyun185415@naver.com

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