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Changwon National University Created a Student-Centered Learning Space Called, "USG Shared University Student Lounge”, at Bongrim Student Hall
  • By Jung In-hee, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.09.26 21:10
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▲ Conference table at, ‘USG Shared University Student Lounge’ (Source: Portal sites Changwon National University Waagle)

Changwon National University, was selected for the, ‘Gyeongsangnam-do Regional Innovation Platform’, USG Sharing University Project. It has recently established a student lounge at the Bonglim Student Hall of the Student Center and is receiving positive responses. Changwon University was selected as the, ‘Gyeongsangnam-do Regional Innovation Platform’, for regional innovation projects, based on University-local Cooperation in July 2020. It serves as a central university in Smart Manufacturing Engineering. Through this, CWNU has applied for 31 tasks in the contest for Technology Development Tasks, Student Practice Lab Construction, and Community Problem Project. It secured a total of 3.24 billion won to develop research support and development projects. It is also striving to build student-centered spaces, such as student lounges, through the support of the Gyeongsangnam-do Regional Innovation Platform. Located on the second floor of the Bongrim Student Hall, the USG Shared University Student Lounge, consists of various spaces, such as conference tables, individual learning spaces, meeting rooms, and lounges. Through this, students can select an environment, suitable for each individual and use it for learning.

Conference tables are set up in the center of the lounge, where students can sit together for study and discussion. Individual learning spaces have independent spaces, where each person can focus on studying. In the meeting room, a smart TV is installed in a learning space that can accommodate four or six people, making it easy to prepare presentations or assignments that require various materials. In addition, seats were arranged in a stairway on one side of the lounge to create a learning space for students to use comfortably and freely.

Students at Changwon University said, "The distance and time from the classroom to the library were ambiguous during the class, but I think it will be useful to have a student lounge close to the classroom”, adding, "During the exam period, there was no space in school libraries, reading rooms, cafes, etc., so it took a long time to find a space to focus on studying. I'm happy to have a good learning space”.

Chancellor Lee Ho-young said, "Our university is doing its best to lead in the shared growth of universities and regions, by successfully carrying out Regional Innovation Projects, based on University-local Cooperation as a central university in Smart Manufacturing Engineering of regional innovation platforms in Gyeongsangnam-do”. He also stressed, "At the same time, we are generously supporting the establishment of the best research and industry-academic cooperation capabilities, by successfully carrying out tasks selected for research support and research environment creation projects, we will build the best student learning space and educational infrastructure through USG Shared University". The, ‘USG Shared University Student Lounge’, built in the student center of Bongrim Student Hall, will be located in the center of the school, and will be a useful learning space for many students with good accessibility. Starting with the creation of the student lounge, it is expected that various student-centered spaces will be established at Changwon National University by supporting the regional innovation platform in Gyeongsangnam-do.

By Jung In-hee, cub-reporter  sugar3870@naver.com

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