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Changwon University’s Guiding Star: Student Ambassador Program, “Chaorm”
  • By Park Yu-jeong, cub-reporter
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▲ Changwon University Student Ambassador (source: Chaorm)

If there is a Polaris in the night sky that helps travelers find their way, Changwon University has a student ambassador program named, “Chaorm,” which serves as a guide for prospective students. Chaorm, which means, “fly high without any fears,” is helping prospective students fly into the bright future at Changwon University. I met with Ambassador Yoon In-seo and Ambassador Ji Su-ji of “Chaorm,” Changwon University’s guiding star.

Q : Please introduce yourself.

Ji : Hello, I’m Ji Su-ji, Department of Bio Health Science. I’m in my 11th year of Chaorm, and in charge of the video team in the Public Relation Department.

Yoon : Hello, I’m Yoon In-seo, Department of Korean Language and Literature. I’m in the 11th year of Chaorm, and in charge of the video team in the Public Relation Department.

Q : Why did you apply for Chaorm?

Ji : I applied because my goal was to go to Changwon University, my love for school was exceptional. Therefore, I’m confident that I can do a great job as a student ambassador. Also, I applied because I want to help prospective students who are having a difficult time preparing for college.

Yoon : While preparing for college, I met the student ambassador for the first time. They were in uniforms, which were so attractive, and the encouragement of the student ambassador was very helpful to me. Therefore, I applied because I want to give a lot of cheer and encouragement to prospective students.

Q : What kind of activities does Chaorm do?

Yoon : We visit middle-high school and run activities for students to experience a major. Also, we participate in important internal and external events of the college, as well as admission briefing sessions, and college admission fairs for high school seniors. In addition, Chaorm is in charge of planning and producing content for the college publicity and managing SNS.

Q : I think there are many restrictions on official public relations activities due to COVID-19. How are activities currently being carried out?

Yoon : Activities for students to experience a major and admission briefing sessions are operated face-to-face, while strictly following the quarantine rules only for schools that have requested us. Overall, however, the number of schools requesting programs has decreased due to COVID-19. Therefore, we upload more SNS content, such as videos and interactive news than before.

Q : What was your most memorable activity as a student ambassador?

Ji : Activities of experiencing a major are the most memorable. We always ask students to fill out a questionnaire after finishing the activity, introducing my department. They replied, “Thanks to you, I was able to decide my major”, and “I am more interested in Changwon University”. I was happy that I had a positive impact on Changwon University and the Department of Bio Health Science.

Yoon : Recently, I had time to communicate with students by taking quizzes about colleges and listening to their opinions in the activity of experiencing a major in middle school. After the activity, a student told me shyly that he enjoyed the activity very much. I was happy that students seemed to enjoy participating in the activity.

Q : What was particularly difficult about working as a student ambassador?

Ji : I started working as a student ambassador without experience in campus culture because of COVID-19. Last year, I prepared a department introduction, but I had a hard time because I didn’t have enough information about the department. However, now that I think about it, I matured more because I had a hard time.

Yoon : I think time and fitness management are the most difficult. There are many things to do just by taking lectures and doing assignments, and I sometimes feel that it is hard to do even student ambassador activities. However, I have no regrets because I have more positive energy from student ambassador activities than from time and physical limitations.

Q : I heard that Chaorm is choosing a new ambassador. What qualities do you think a student ambassador must have?

Ji : The most important quality is a positive mindset. Many people are likely to think that the ambassador is confident and bright. It is due to the energy emanated from the positive mind of the ambassador.

Yoon : Confidence is the most important. This is because ambassadors often make presentations in front of 6 to 80 students. Furthermore, it would be even better if they had a sincere attitude towards their studies and student ambassador activities.

Q : Lastly, please say something to Changwon University prospective students and current students.

Ji : Every student’s process and mindset were different until entering university, but we met at the same place called Changwon University. Therefore, I hope both prospective and current students will have a college life without regret at Changwon University.

Yoon : I hope all the prospective students get a good result, and I hope to meet the students in good health at college. Lastly, please pay a lot of attention to Chaorm, Student Ambassador of Changwon University.

By Park Yu-jeong, cub-reporter  parkyujeong01@naver.com

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