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Fear of Country’s Ghosts to Cool Down from the Heat of Midsummer
  • By An So-yeon, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.09.01 09:18
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▲Fear temporarily lowers the body’s temperature.

Every summer, many people suffer from the scorching heat. People use various methods to avoid increasingly hot weather, such as turning on air conditioners and fans, or cooling themselves by eating cold food. There is also another way of getting rid of the heat: telling scary stories. This is why horror movies are usually released in summer. The human body concentrates blood around the brain, heart, and muscles when it feels scared. As a result, the blood vessels in the skin contract, restricting the blood flow, and the body hair stands up. These changes temporarily lower the body temperature, so we feel cool while watching a horror movie. Let's introduce ghosts, ghost stories, and horror movies by country.

Korea's representative ghost is the Maiden Ghost. The Maiden Ghost is the ghost of a girl who died with a strong grudge. She is considered the most vicious and frightening ghost in Korea. When the Maiden dies, people put cosmetics and books inside a coffin to prevent her from becoming a ghost. This is to keep the ghost from leaving the grave by having her read books or put make-up on. In Japan, there is a ghost named ‘Gatpa’. Gatpa looks like a child and it holds water in the hollow of its head. Both arms are connected together, and if people pull them from one side, they will fall out. It is mischievous and sometimes takes children into the river. In America, there is a ghost called the ‘Boogie Man.’ The Boogie Man is a kind of ghost who punishes children for bad behavior and protects good people, in comparison to other kinds of ghosts who simply kidnap children at night and eat them. The Boogie Man is mainly described as having sharp claws and teeth.

A famous Korean ghost story is called, ‘Give Me My Leg’. ‘Give Me My Leg’ was broadcasted on the TV program, ‘Legendary Hometown’. ‘Give me my leg’ describes what happens to the wife who became a corpse to cure her husband's illness. When his wife was grieving over her husband's illness, she met a monk. The monk said, "if you cut off the leg of a dead body and feed it to your husband, he will get well". On the next day in the rain, the wife went to the place where the monk spoke of to find the corpse and cut off the corpse's legs. However, when his wife cut off the corpse's leg, the corpse sprang up and chased her into the kitchen of her house. When the wife put a leg in the pot, the corpse collapsed. The next day, the story ends with her burying the corpse with her husband, who has recovered from his illness. In Japan, there is a ghost story called, ‘Mary's Phone’. It is believed that if someone throws away the doll named Mary, the doll will come back. When people throw away the doll, the doll calls out, saying, "I'm in the garbage dump now." After that, a phone call says, "I'm in front of my house now," and finally, "I'm in front of the gate now." When Mary finally appears later, someone will disappear. ‘Mary's Phone’ is so famous that it can also be used as material for movies, games, and comics. Additionally, there is Mary's number, 090-2410-9679 and there is a search term in Japan called, "Mary's Phone Handling Method”. Next for discussion, are famous horror movies from various countries.

In Korea, there is a horror movie called, ‘Janghwahongryeon,’ which was released in 2003. It is recognized for its outstanding work in storytelling and remains a masterpiece. The movie is rated 12 and depicts mysterious events between families. After recuperating in Seoul, two sisters return to their hometowns and meet their stepmother. Next, the family is haunted by visions, nightmares, and strange things that happen in the house as the story continues. In Japan, a movie called, ‘Ring,’ is famous. It was released in 1999 and is rated 12. This movie begins as Asakawa Reiko, a broadcasting station reporter covering a story about a rumor where people will die a week after watching a video. ‘Ring’ is also famous for the scene where a woman crawls out of the TV with her long hair hanging down. America considers Friday the 13th, an ominous day when Jesus died. The movie, ‘Friday the 13th, is very popular because many people are afraid of Friday the 13th. It was released in 2009 and is not available to teenagers. ‘Friday the 13th,’ depicts the story of a notorious killer, Jason, wearing a mask and killing many people. While the main characters are enjoying a weekend party at the lake, they feel Jason approaching them, and fear begins to intensify.

In each country, there are so many ghost stories and ghosts. These stories stimulate our curiosity, give us thrills and joys, but according to research in the Journal of ‘Psychology Science’, the fun we get from watching horror movies can only be maintained at certain points. This point is called the, "sweet spot." A moment that we feel is so terrifying,that there is no trauma left to remember However, beyond this point, the fun feeling of being scared decreases. A Danish research team says, “a moderate amount of fun is important”. Therefore, if you enjoy horror movies and ghost stories you will have a thrilling summer.

By An So-yeon, cub-reporter  1102soy@naver.com

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