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CWNU and Local Community Enjoy New Cheongwoonji Rose Garden
  • By Park Hyun-jong, reporter
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▲Flowers blooming along the promenade of Cheongwoonji

There is a pond named “Cheongwoonji” in front of the west dormitory of CWNU. Cherry trees are planted along the lake, and cherry blossoms bloom brilliantly in spring. There is a coniferous forest on the east side of the lake where visitors can appreciate the nature-friendly atmosphere. The lake in this campus is famous for its beautiful scenery, making it not only a resting place for students, but also family outings for people living in Changwon. However, a large site between the lake and the residential area was being left to go wild with weeds. Also, many vehicles were passing through Changwon University, so there were many complaints from residents and students near the west gate about campus traffic during rush hour. For this reason, after the west gate was closed, there was demand to make it a peaceful public place for the people of CWNU and residents of the local area who contribute to the university community. With this in mind, CWNU created a “Rose Garden” around the pond to create a nature-friendly public space.

CWNU closed Cheongwoonji for a year to prevent the spread of COVID-19. During this period, 3000 m² of the area was developed. Starting from the parking lot in front of the student dormitory and along the promenade around Cheongwoonji, there are about 20 kinds of colorful roses on both sides of the promenade. There are also about 7000 flowers such as iris, hydrangea, and cherry sage growing in the area. Not only does it look good, but also placards describing the biological features of each flower have been placed to facilitate children's education. In addition, there is a steel structure with roses growing on it in the form of a rose tower and arch. This rose structure is an excellent location to take photos. The road in front of the campus cafe has also removed asphalt and paved the walkway with blocks to let grass grow between them, creating a nature-friendly atmosphere.

A lot of people can be found visiting the garden since the Rose Garden’s opening. The Campus Journal interviewed someone who visited the Rose Garden.

Q: Please introduce yourself briefly.

Cho: I’m Cho So-young, a housewife in my 50s, living in Yongho-dong.

Q: How did you hear about the “Rose Garden” around Cheongwoonji in Changwon University?

Cho: I have often visited the lake with my neighbors. There is a large parking lot where it’s very convenient to park. The area is also a good place to take coffee breaks. I had not visited here for a while due to COVID-19, but my nephew who is a student at Changwon University, informed me that the lake area had been renovated and reopened. When I visited again for the first time in a long time, I was surprised that the road was newly paved and the garden around the lake had been totally redone.

Q: What do you think of the newly constructed “Rose Garden”?

Cho: In the past, there were only cosmos on the large area beside the lake, so it looks nice to see the colorful changes around the promenade. But I can't deny the feeling that the roses are still growing in and that they are still growing sparsely. I like flowers, so I often visit rose festivals in Ulsan or Busan. The size of Changwon University's Rose Park is much smaller than the famous Rose Park, but the fact that it has a lake beside it seems to create unique scenery. Soon the weather will get warmer and the roses will grow abundantly. I can’t wait to enjoy that scenery while taking a walk with a cup of coffee.

Q: The “Rose Garden” built on campus is a place not only created by the school, but also by the local community. Do you think that it’s beneficial to the local community??

Cho: There is a rose park in Gaeumjeong-dong, Changwon, but the accessibility to it is very poor. For example, it lacks parking facilities. On weekends, queues of parked cars block the paths. That is why even though I live in Changwon, I have visited there just twice. With this kind of attraction in Changwon University, residents around Changwon University consider it as a good place to take their children for a walk, and where they can take a short rest. As Changwon National University is a national institution, I hope that many people will spend time in the Rose Garden so that not only students but also the local community can visit and enjoy the campus with ease.

Q: Do you have any additional comments?

Cho: From the perspective of a frequent visitor like me, I am thankful for the beautiful scenery. It is very good for children's education because a variety of flowers have been planted. It's a bit disappointing that a CVS and a cafe are the only convenience facilities in the area. I hope that students and residents take good care of the Rose Garden, so that it becomes a hotspot in Sarim-dong.

CWNU, the only national university in Changwon City, has created a park not only for CWNU students, but also for the people living in Changwon City, providing a relaxing place for students as well as local residents. As the interviewee stated, it would be best if Changwon University students tried to keep the place clean. If people take good care of the Rose Garden it will evolve as a new attraction in Changwon where both students and residents can feel refreshed and relaxed.

By Park Hyun-jong, reporter  tommyhil4444@gmail.com

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