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Upcoming Mid-Term Exams: How Students Study for Mid-Term Exams
  • By Park Yu-jeong, cub-reporter
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▲ Ko Do-hyeong student desk. (source: Ko Do-hyeong)

There is a funny saying, “The language of cherry blossoms is the midterm test”. This saying refers to the fact that many university students start studying for mid-term exams in early April when cherry blossoms are usually in bloom. Since cherry blossoms bloomed earlier than last year, students could enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms with a smile, but those smiles are gone now. This is because the mid-term exam period has come. In the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, how are students studying for the midterm exams? This interview with Ko Do-hyeong, a Changwon National University student, discusses how to study for the midterm exams.

Q : Please introduce yourself.

Ko : Hello, I am Ko Do-hyeong. I am a second year student at the Department of Language and Literature.

Q : What are you studying in your major?

Ko : I am learning about various aspects of English. The Departments of English Language and Literature are usually divided into English Linguistics and English Literature. In English Linguistics, I am learning the production of speech sounds, and English grammar. In English Literature, I am learning about Henry David Thoreau’s “Slavery in Massachusetts” and English poems.

Q : How will the mid-term exams be held?

Ko : Because of COVID-19, only one subject’s exam will be face-to-face, and the rest are going to be held online on e-campus.

Q : Where do you usually study and why?

Ko : I usually study at home. I am sensitive to sound, so I cannot concentrate when I study in a café or a library. But I can study comfortably at home, so it is easy to concentrate. Above all, I can eat snacks whenever I like.

Q : How do you study for mid-term exams?

Ko : Due to COVID-19, most of the subjects I’m taking are online classes, and professors post their online lectures on e-campus. I watch the online lectures many times and review them. I also rewrite my class notes.

Q. What is the most difficult thing about studying for mid-term exams?

Ko : My laziness is my biggest hurdle when I study for exams. In face-to-face classes, I took notes while in class. But in online class, I do not take notes because I think I can rewatch the class again anytime. So, I am getting lazy which makes it harder to prepare for exams.

Q. What are some difficulties of studying for midterm exams due to COVID-19?

Ko : It’s a shame that the communication between the professor and the students is not going well. In face-to-face classes, I could ask questions right away if I had any questions in class. But in online classes, if I send an email to ask the professor a question, sometimes it takes a while to get an answer. Because of this, I have to study for exams without getting more information to answer my questions.

So far, this article has talked about how to study for midterm exams through the student interview with Ko Do-hyeong. Some additional studying advice would be to find methods of studying for each exam’s test format. If the test format is short-answer questions, it is good to rewrite the class notes and memorize key words. If the test format is essay questions, it is good to think of potential questions and write practice answers. If it is an open book examination, people can make the mistake of thinking that they do not have to study. But if they do not study, they won’t be able to find answers during the test.

There is an English proverb that goes ‘You reap what you sow’. This means that people get test scores that reflect how much they studied. If students want to maximize their study efficiency, it is good to find a place to study like Ko Do-hyeong. It is recommended to study in a library if students find it easier to concentrate in a quiet and controlled place. If students can concentrate in an open space, a café is recommended. The results will reflect the effort. If students study hard for the midterm exam, they will get good results.

By Park Yu-jeong, cub-reporter  parkyujeong01@naver.com

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