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Cherry Blossoms Around the Changwon University Campus
  • Shin Min-joo, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.04.05 08:55
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Cherry blossoms bloomed earlier than predicted this year. COVID-19 safety measures have continued to be extended. But people are still going out to see and enjoy the cherry blossoms. There are a few places filled with cherry blossoms at Changwon University. This article will include the cherry blossom attractions at Changwon University so that people who want to go outside in the warm weather can enjoy the nearby cherry blossoms.

Near the main gate, the first thing people see to the west is the dormitory lake "Cheongwoonji." Cherry blossoms bloom not only on the path to and from the dormitory, but also around the entire student dormitory. In particular, the dormitory lake "Cheongwoonji" in front of the second dormitory is full of cherry blossoms, making it feel like a cherry blossom festival. This is the best place for students to feel the "spring on campus" they dreamed of before entering the school.

▲The view from Bongnimgwan Square

The next place people can see cherry blossoms is at Bongnimgwan. This place can be found after the College of Humanities along the way to the library. Students can see another kind of spring here. This is because the cherry blossoms are shaped like they wrap around Bongnimgwan, so wherever the gaze of visitors falls, it will be filled with cherry blossoms. There are benches in the square in front of Bonglim Hall, and it’s a great place to sit, see the cherry blossoms, and eat a romantic snack with someone. Also, there is the 24-hour convenience store "Coopsket" at Bonglim Hall, so it’s a great place to pick up refreshments while enjoying the cherry blossoms.

▲Cherry blossoms in full bloom at the engineering square

Finally, there is the engineering college located on the east side of the school. Unlike the previously mentioned places, there is a square where people can enjoy a vast, open, panoramic view of the cherry blossoms. Students can enjoy cherry blossoms here and relieve academic stress. Also, there are cherry blossoms all over the engineering college area, so students can enjoy cherry blossoms while walking on campus.

Choi Jeong-yoon, a second year student majoring in history, said, "The major cherry blossom attraction at Changwon University is Cheongwoonji, located in front of the second dormitory. Do you know the feeling of sitting in the pavilion chatting with friends and viewing cherry blossoms? It feels like I'm getting rained by a good mood, but it smells like love. It's just as good as going there as going to other famous places to see cherry blossoms."

"I like all the other places, but I don't think there's a better place than walking from Cheongwoonji to the main gate of the school," said Sohn Sung-hyun, a second year history student. “When I'm hit by a flut think that I smell sweet when I'm walking on that street. If you walk with someone you like while listening to love songs related to spring, it will be one of the best moments of your life."

Many Changwon University students felt that they couldn't enjoy their school life due to COVID-19. How about going out to view the famous cherry blossoms and enjoying spring on campus? Students can feel spring while walking along a row of cherry blossom trees, and enjoy sweet moments with friends and crushes along with simple tea. Everyone is having a hard time because of COVID-19, but I hope students can enjoy spring safely while wearing a mask and enjoying cherry blossoms around campus.

Shin Min-joo, cub-reporter  pinky3167@naver.com

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