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Singers Making a Comeback: BraveGirls and Their Newfound Popularity
  • By Lee Yeon-jin, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.04.05 08:52
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▲BraveGirls ‘Rollin’ at No. 1. (Source:Inkigayo)

Recently, there has been a successful idol group attracting and gaining popularity. The idol group is called ‘BraveGirls’.They have been around for 10 years, but never gained much popularity. A youtuber uploaded a video about BraveGirls which quickly became a viral sensation. It was a video of a live performance of their song - ‘Rollin’, performing for a military crowd. The successful performance for the military made headlines. As of now, the video has over 13 million views. As a result, BraveGirls has made a comeback in popularity.

Their comeback in popularity means their old songs are climbing charts and ranking higher than when were initially released. BraveGirls performed the song ‘We Ride’ 6 months ago. However this song didn’t capture public interest like their old songs, so they had to broke up because of the difficult situation. But the viral video led to their songs topping charts because many people showed interest in the video. As a result, the song ‘Rollin’ reached the top of the music charts on some music sites. Also, they appeared on stage having changed their choreography a little and won first prize in music programs. The name of the idol group was trending and many people posted ‘Rollin’ dance cover videos on SNS.

Singers making a comeback has happened before. First a girl group called EXID made a debut in 2012 and started giving performances, but they never became popular. However a fan shot a famcam video of HANI, who is a member of EXID, and this video became popular. Thanks to the fancam video, instead of being ignored by the public, EXID gained popularity and since then the albums they’ve released have been one success after another. They made it to the top.

Another example is solo artist Rain’s song ‘GANG’, which was released in 2018, wasn’t very successful at the time of release. But over time, rather many people did imitating their singing and dancing of the song. Because of this imitating their singing and dancing trend, RAIN enjoyed a renaissance. The phrase ‘1 day 1 GANG’ trended and he shot s commerical for a snack as a result of his popularity. ‘GANG’ is a true example of making a comeback.

So then when did all of these singers suddenly become so popular? YouTube’s algorithm plays a large role in these comebacks. The algorithm recommends videos based on general popularity and the previously watched videos of individual users. The large amount of engagement through comments, the huge surge of videos with people imitating their singing and dancing, and the algorithm played a huge role in their comeback.

For the above reason making a comeback could lead to success, but the efforts of idols towards their own success can’t be ignored. In the past, people enjoyed music by watching TV programs and searching for the songs that they were interested. They participated in their favorite idol’s fan events and supported them by going to music performances. People got a sense of joy by supporting their favorite artists and listening to their music. However, since the development of SNS, people can access music easily through automatic recommendations given to them by algorithms, music charts, and hot song bulletins without needing to do any searching. And people can also enjoy music by looking at images and sharing them instead of going to events or music performances. In the future, the ways that singers will make a comeback will continue to. And Korea’s music will continue to develop their comeback has not just come from their efforts, but from the support of the public as well.

By Lee Yeon-jin, cub-reporter  dlduswls45@naver.com

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