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Believe It or Not: Fun Ways to Interpret Dreams
  • Shin Min-joo, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2021.03.08 08:49
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▲Dreams can be interpreted in many ways. (Source: Drunkett-Asian Economy)

Have you ever had a ridiculous and absurd dream? According to the N portal site, Knowledge Encyclopedia, and 'Biology Walk', on average, everyone has about five dreams every night. Out of those dreams, some are remembered, but others are not. Many people are interested in the interpretation of dreams. For example, some people interpret their dreams as having good signs and gain great luck, such as winning the lottery, and avoid great misfortune after having dreams with bad signs. So why do people dream and what are some of the common interpretations of dreams?

The book, "Donguibogam Read in Korean", talks about various kinds of dreams. In this book, dreams are classified in different categories. The first type of dream is “hyeonmong”, also known as a premonition. These dreams predict what will happen in the future. The second type of dream is “simmong”, which refers to dreams which represent strong wants and desires. A similar type of dream is "heomong" which are dreams which come from stress or deep agony. This is a dream that can be taken as a red flag for mental health and stress. And the last type of dream is 'Silmong'. These dreams remain vivid even after waking up from the dream. People dream every day, but they often don't remember them when they wake up. The act of interpreting a dream that is remembered is called “haemong”.

There are various types of dreams that many people dream. One common one is ‘dreams about money.’ In general, if a dreamer picks up money in their dream, it is a good sign. This is a sign that an office worker will get a promotion or bonus from the company they work at, and for business owners it implies the prosperity of the business and success in life. On the other hand, dreams of money being torn can be an indicator of disruptions in work, so caution is needed. Likewise, seeing ripe fruits in dreams of fruits means that hard work will achieve good results. But on the contrary, seeing or eating unripened fruit represents, getting disappointing or unsatisfactory results.

Dreaming about water or the sea is also very common. If clear and clean water is seen in a dream, it means prosperity of business, peace of the family, as well as wealth and honor. However, it is said that falling into water means the possibility of being embroiled in a rumor and the anxiety caused by it. Furthermore, falling into dirty water, represents bad health the dreamer and their family.

Finally, dreams about disease and death. After these dreams, people are often unsettled all day and feel the need to interpret them. However, these dreams are a good dream that represents wealth and good health in human relationships. It is also said that if a spouse dies in a dream, it means prosperity in business and a job promotion, just like dreams of picking up money. Except for dreams of a lover dying, dreams of friends, parents, brothers, and sisters dying are all good dreams that bring good fortune, so people shouldn’t worry when they have them.

So far, this article has talked about the interpretations of common dreams. People interpret dreams because dreams feel strange or mysterious, and people tend to feel comfort in their interpretations. Positive interpretations of dreams can help people overcome difficult situations and tasks, while negative interpretations often leave people frustrated and unhappy. Although interpreting dreams can be fun, it is always best to remain skeptical. Avoid believing things blindly and becoming obsessed with the interpretation of dreams. Positive dreams can be exciting, but dreams should be enjoyed simply for the fun of it. It is best to focus more on real life than on dreams.

Shin Min-joo, cub-reporter  pinky3167@naver.com

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