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The Fake Man Series by Physical Gallery Is Back
  • By Seo Seong-il, reporter
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“Fake Man” is a YouTube entertainment program that had a great impact on Korea this year. With an average of 10 million views per episode, it has become a national YouTube program. The second Fake Man series is also being made into a movie. However, Fake Man had been discontinued due to the criminal behavior of the drill instructors and the sadistic nature of the program. First, the instructor, Captain Lee Geun, was suspected of having a criminal history related to sexual crimes, assault, and the impersonation of a UN employee. Drill instructors Logan and Jeong Eun-ju were suspected of entering illegal adult entertainment establishments and were involved in controversy over body cam phishing. Currently, what are facts and what are mere allegations are slowly being revealed. So, Fake Man was back again. What do Changwon National University students think about this situation?

Comments in Support of the Broadcast

  • Before the start of the broadcast, the production crew announced that there were some unfortunate circumstances. Watching the broadcast is a personal choice. It is ultimately up to the viewer to choose whether or not to support the channel.
  • The YouTube reply culture was more problematic than sadistic scenes. Netizens, too easily sympathized with other people's opinions. However, It was beneficial to know about special forces UDT(Underwater Demolition Team) due to the Fake Man series.
  • I was motivated to live life to the fullest while watching the Fake Man series. Therefore, I support watching the broadcast
  • In this program, applicants were selected through interviews. Therefore, I think it is natural to be trained with such intensity. Also, since almost all of the allegations around the instructors were not true, I think it is okay to broadcast it again.
  • I think that the recognition of Korean soldiers has improved through the Fake Man series.

Comments in Criticism of the Broadcast

  • Since it is a popular program, I think it is best to be careful with what you support.
  • The program is definitely sadistic, harmful, and at risk of imitation by viewers. It also fostered a toxic military culture to civilians. The controversial broadcasts are also uncomfortable to watch.
  • Captain Lee Geun is a criminal with two previous convictions and hadn't paid his debt until recently. I don't think it's right for the series to return.
  • During training, Kwak Yoon-gi could have suffered injuries. Also, he was mocked by instructors for no apparent reason. I don't think a program promoting this kind of negative media is a good influence on anyone.
  • ▲The second Fake Man series (source: Instagram @physical_gallery_egg)

By Seo Seong-il, reporter  badb02@naver.com

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