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Corona Blue Project, Easy and Fast Career Guidance
  • By Bae Yun-bin, reporter
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▲The mentors provide information.

Changwon National University held a special festival from November 23 to November 28 to promote student counseling, career opportunities, and job searching services. The festival was called ‘Corona Blue Project, Easy and Fast Career Guidance’. It held various programs such as Open Campus, career and employment camp, and a contest exhibit. When students participated in each program, they earned points. The students with the most points received prizes like iPads, Apple Watches, AirPods and gift cards.

Open Campus is a recruitment fair for public institutions and businesses. The program was attended by the Korea Land and Housing Corporation, the Korea Water Resources Corporation, and Hanwha Galleria, which provided information on the company introduction and recruitment process. Students were able to obtain corporate information and interview tips by listening to the advice of the mentors. Also, through the Mentor School, students could hear how graduates have gone on to pursue successful careers. Open Campus provided invaluable information to help students plan their career development.
SMART Career Employment Camp and Special Lectures were held in six sessions, divided into lower years (freshmen and sophomore) and senior class (junior and senior). The purpose of this camp was to help students search for job information, understand jobs, and cultivate job searching skills. The lower years understood the importance of the time management plan for college life and had time to explore jobs, careers, and skills. The senior class learned job skills, including how to write resumes, self-introduction clinics, and role-playing interviews. By conducting a role-playing interview, students were able to identify and address problems such as careless behavior, as well as work on good habits and what to say during an interview. The program offered practical help to students from thinking about careers to employment.

Previously, students had to apply for career counseling through Dream Catch on Waggle. It was easier for students to receive career counseling through the SMART Career Employment Camp and Special Lectures. The students could use career counseling without applying in advance. In addition, through Instagram events and career design competitions, students can prepare for jobs that have been tied up due to COVID-19.

By Bae Yun-bin, reporter  binibbo99@naver.com

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