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What Is on Your Bucket List?
  • Lee Yeon-ju, Editor-in-chief
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What did you accomplish in the past month? What are your goals for the next month? A “Bucket List” (101 things to do before you die) can help keep in mind what is truly important, and help to set future goals. A bucket list is a list of all the goals, dreams, and life experiences a person wants to have before they die. The Campus Journal received opinions from CWNU students about their goals and plans.

Kim Kyeong-uk (Department of Electrical Engineering)

Adventure is a priority in my life, I want to be a well-rounded adventurous person. First of all, I want to make a name for myself in 'embedded systems’, the field of research I’ve chosen to pursue. In addition, I will find materials that can be sourced in Korea and develop technologies here so that Koreans don’t have to buy the technology necessary for national defense from outside of Korea. After expanding my field of research, I will establish a business to fully realize my ideas.

Park Ah-hyeon (Department of English Language and Literature)

My number one life goal is to be a humble person. This is not a temporary goal, it’s a lifelong pursuit. So, I always try not to get frustrated with the imperfection of others and appreciate the value of all things. Plus, I have a big interest in learning about and protecting the beauty of Korean culture and volunteering to help support it. I want to work as a civil servant working in cultural heritage administration someday.

Kwon Dong-hyeop (Department of International Relations)

Music is a very small word that suits me and my goals well. One of my major life goals is to officially release my own music through a music sharing platform. I have been composing and singing by myself since high school as a hobby. Since then, I’ve bought some professional equipment and I’ve made my own project name, <19 projects; 19 Songs for My 1 Year Story> in 2013. I also want to make a song in my musical style that can comfort others.

Ho Thi Giang (Department of International Trade)

I have a lot of things that I want to do before I die. I’m Vietnamese so I want to continue learning the Korean language until I can speak like a native. I want to travel all around Europe, live a happy life enjoying the small moments, marry my true love, and become richer. As for my future career, I want to be instrumental in building good relationships in international trade. There’s no end in lifelong learning.

Lee Yeon-ju, Editor-in-chief  rosielee@kakao.com

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