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2020 Changwon Sculpture Biennale: Changwon Exhibition
  • By Kim Da-eun, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.10.25 17:33
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Changwon host the 2020 Changwon Sculpture Biennale from September 17 to November 1 at Seongsan Art Hall and Pojeongsa in Yongji Park. The theme of the biennale is ‘Non–Sculpture: Light or Flexible'. Non-sculpture refers to a new type of sculpture using light and flexible materials such as air, water, wind, and soil, instead of typical large sculptures with heavy mass. This year’s event is even more meaningful because it is the 10th anniversary of the Biennale and the 10th anniversary of the integrated city of Changwon. The exhibition consists of four parts, two main exhibitions and two special exhibitions.

Main Exhibition 1 ‘From Non-Sculpture’

Main exhibition 1 presents a large outdoor installation work that engages with the discourse of non-sculptures. Nature and landscape are in harmony with the architecture. This exhibition can be viewed freely at Yongji Park.

Main Exhibition 2 ‘To Non-Sculpture’

Main exhibition 2 is held on the first and second floor of Seongsan Art Hall. The space flows through ‘nature-environment-universe-human-technology’ from Step 1 to 7 in a path that visitors can follow.

Special Exhibition 1 ‘Seung-Taek Lee, Non-Sculptures of Korea’

On the first basement floor of Seongsan Art Hall, two special exhibitions and various community programs are being held. This is a major solo exhibition area, shedding a retrospective light on a pioneering Korean sculptor Seung-Taek Lee.

Special Exhibition 2 ‘Young Asian Artist Media Sculpture’

Special Exhibition 2 is a special exhibition that was organized by inviting selected teams. A public contest was held for young Asian media sculptors aged 20-45 in Changwon and neighboring regions. The plan was designed to find and support young artists to help them to be active in the region. Furthermore, It will help them to foster international connections.

▲ Simone Decker, ‘Bubble Gum in Changwon’

This sculpture was named 'Bubble Gum in Changwon', and was made by Simone Decker after Poseokjeong. The artist's intention is to facilitate a surreal, unexpected encounter between people and the enlarged form of a usual item.

▲ Tal Lee, ‘Memorial Chapel-square’

It was named 'Memorial Chapel-Square' created by Tal Lee. He asks questions about the meanin of the public forum while observing the new ways of interaction brought about by the fear of face-to-face contact since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Filled with different forms of technology, the media installation travels around as if it's searchingfor a public forum.

▲ Seung-Taek Lee, ‘Wind’

It was named 'wind'. This work shows glass walls that breathe life into the installation of the interior, just as wind would give life to some red fabric.

▲ Kyung-jong Park, ‘Tag Man’

It was named 'Tagman' by Kyung-jong Park. The artist performed as the character Tagman to physically demonstrate the system that shares human figures. While dressed as Tagman, the artist roamed the streets of Changwon. These acts were filmed on video and become part of the Tagman series. As such, the artist's work shows a combination of the performance of old media, new media, and social interation.

By Kim Da-eun, cub-reporter  daun021800@naver.com

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