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What’s In Your Bag?
  • By Seo Seong-il, reporter
  • 승인 2020.10.05 08:56
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There is an endless number of trends on YouTube. A current popular trend is ‘What’s In My Bag’. ‘What’s In My Bag’ is a trend that reveals what different people carry in their bags. Celebrities have helped popularize this trend by showing fans what they carry around in their bags. There are also a few videos showing what college students’ have in their bags. What belongings do the college students of Changwon National University carry around?

▲ Items in the bag of Ahn Gyu-jung form the bag, Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Q) What’s in your bag?

First of all, my bag is a 19 Season New Era Carrier Backpack. This bag has the advantage of a lot of having storage space. It's really convenient to use when I go to college classes, travel, and exercise. The disadvantage of this bag is related to its the advantage. Sometimes it's hard to find items inside it because the bag is so big. The first item that I usually carry is my iPad. I take a lot of lectures on the internet due to COVID-19. I can comfortably watch lectures anytime, anywhere on my iPad. It is also useful when watching Netflix. The second item is my laptop. My laptop is used for assignments. The third item is a perfume bottle. I carry perfume with me because perfume makes me feel confident. The fourth item is a tumbler. I use the tumbler to drink water while exercising. It’s better than using paper cups with other people because of the COVID-19. The fifth item is a cap. I tend to attach my cap on my bag, that way I can use it whenever I want to wear a cap.

▲ Items in the bag of Kim Ji-Won from the Department of International Trade

Q) What’s in your bag?

I prefer smaller bags to larger bags. A small bag is easier to carry and more stylish. My first item is a mask. The second item is a bottle of hand sanitizer. I think a mask and hand sanitizer are really necessary to carry around these days. The third item is a pouch. The fourth item is a hand mirror. All women carry a pouch and a hand mirror to maintain good looks. A cell phone can replace a hand mirror, but I think the hand mirror shows my face more clearly. The fifth item is a box of band aids. I get hurt often, so I always carry band aids.

▲ Items in the bag of Kim Na-Young from the Department of Financial Insurance

Q) What’s in your bag?

My bag is a Lap Kylie shoulder bag. I can conveniently carry all the materials and books that I need for class. The first item is a small bag of jelly. I think jelly is a must have item when studying. The second item is eye drops. Wearing contact lenses often makes my eyes dry so I always carry eye drops. The third item is my certificate book. The fourth item is cash. Cash can be useful to buy snacks from snack stands in the winter. I’m carrying cash to buy fish-shaped bread, takoyaki, fish cakes, and egg bread.

By Seo Seong-il, reporter  badb02@naver.com

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