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Balancing Priorities with Your Travel Companions
  • By Kim Da-eun, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.09.07 09:12
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▲ Different Travel Styles: Balancing Priorities with Your Travel Companions

Have you ever fought with a friend while traveling? Due to different priorities on a trip, people often argue with their travel companion. To show two different perspectives on traveling, The Campus Journal selected two students whose MBTI results were the exact opposite. Lee Da-sol in the department of English Language and Literature, is ‘ENFP type’, and Kim Min-young in the department of French Language and Literature is ‘ISFJ type’. What are their different attitudes toward traveling?

Q. Visiting many tourist attractions vs. focusing on healing and relaxation.

Lee: It's a really healing experience to visit many new places and experience new cultures. I can feel proud that I made memories on my trip. Since I spent time and money on traveling, I want to do something new that I can’t do anywhere else.

Kim: I think the purpose of the trip is to get away from daily life and relax for a while. For this reason, I prefer to travel with a focus on healing. If I feel tired during the trip, I won’t be satisfied with it. Also, if I try to see many tourist attractions, I may miss out on more interesting things such as the surrounding scenery. This could rather reduce the quality of travel on the trip.

Q. A popular destination vs. a quiet destination.

Lee: I prefer a quiet destination. I went to Aso in Fukuoka last year, which is not a very famous as a tourist destination yet. I was a little concerned, but when I arrived, I was amazed by how beautiful it was. It was a more meaningful trip because I thought I had discovered a new place.

Kim: I think there is a reason why places become famous. So I prefer traveling to popular destinations. Relaxing in a quiet place for a long time can be boring. In addition, traveling to lesser known destinations means they are not guaranteed to be a good experience.

Q. Spending money on accommodation vs. spending money on tourist activities.

Lee: I like to spend my money on tourist activities. I usually use ‘Airbnb’. Airbnb is a lodging sharing service. I've stayed in luxury hotels, but it's more expensive than using Airbnb and I haven’t noticed any difference in quality.

Kim: I prefer to spend my money on accommodation. The purpose of my trips is to relax. If I were to stay in low quality accommodation, I think it would be difficult to enjoy my trip.

Q. Planning in advance vs. deciding on the spot.

Lee: I like to research on tourist attractions before I go on a trip, but I don't make any detailed plans. One time, I was drawn to a restaurant on my way to restaurant that I had researched before. The restaurant that I happened to come across was a famous restaurant for locals, so I had a good experience. From then on, I’ve thought it’s a good idea to decide things on the spot while on vacation.

Kim: I prefer to plan both tourist attractions and restaurants in advance. I use SNS to plan ahead of time. Sometimes popular restaurants on social media don't suit my tastes, but most of them were good. If I plan in advance, I don’t have to waste time worrying on the road. So it's much more efficient to plan ahead.

Each person has their own style of traveling. Nobody can say which style is right or wrong. However, if you travel with a friend whose style is the exact opposite of yours, it can be difficult to travel together. If you ask your companion the questions in this interview before going on a trip, you may be able to prevent unnecessary fighting. Turning what should be an enjoyable trip into a fight will only create bad memories.

By Kim Da-eun, cub-reporter  daun021800@naver.com

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