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The Best Applications for Students
  • By Jo Soo-bin, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.09.07 09:10
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In 2020 almost everyone uses smartphones. Smartphones are indispensable to everyday life. Since people always have smartphones on them, they also use a variety of applications. People use applications for a variety of situations and purposes such as daily life, work, education, and hobbies. So, what applications are good for college students to use?

The first app that is useful for students is an app called 'Duolingo'. Duolingo provides foreign language learning services. It helps teach a total of 12 different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. Learning composition and form consists of detailed parts within various themes. Duolingo teaches grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in a conversation format, helping to improve listening and speaking skills. To fully benefit from educational applications users must regularly use the app. In this regard, Duolingo does a lot to help motivate users. It has a system composed of 10 leagues which can compete with each other, and a Streak point system related to attendance. Duolingo is a great app for learning a foreign language. Students can study anytime, anywhere, and it helps students apply the expressions they learn in conversation with the correct pronunciation.

The second recommended application is ‘Milly's Library’. As the application market developed, the use of e-books increased. E-books have the advantage of cheaper prices, portability, and compatibility compared to paper books. Milly's Library is the nation's first monthly subscription reading app. Most e-book services require users to buy books individually. Milly's Library, on the other hand, is operated by a monthly subscription system. Therefore, users can enjoy unlimited reading regardless of the type of book, or the number of books read, for only 10,000 won a month. It also has an audio book system. Voice actors or the authors read the books themselves. By using this, readers can read books by listening to the audiobook while doing other things. Milly's Library is strongly recommended for those who read as a hobby.

The third application is ‘NewsDaily’. It's a news-only app. Not only does it make reading up-to-date articles from various news sources convenient, but it also gives users the option of choosing the size of the text, font, and theme for users' legibility. It also has the advantage of being able to scrap and save articles and using keywords of interest as categories. Rather than looking for and reading news on other portal sites, NewsDaily makes life easier by bringing users closer to the news.

The last app recommended for students is 'Pinterest'. Pinterest is a multi-purpose application for those interested in design because it contains visual information on a variety of content. These days, Pinterest shares visual information on a variety of topics and lifestyles. Pinterest has relevant photo information which is well categorized, including the categories of lifestyle, education, design, art and culture. Students can use this app for hobbies such as painting, and get inspiration from the content while working or doing homework.

As the issue of personal information leaks from Chinese applications has recently been brought to attention, caution against giving personal information while using apps is being emphasized. Hopefully, this article will help students find and share information, and be productive in the smartphone era.

By Jo Soo-bin, cub-reporter  hyun185415@naver.com

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