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CWNU Student, Lee Jun-young, Wins Three Gold Medals at the National Canoe Competition
  • By Kim Seong-Ju, cub-reporter
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CWNU Student, Lee Jun-young, Wins Three Gold Medals at the National Canoe Competition

From August 11 to 14, the 16th Baengmagang National Canoe Competition was held in Puyeo, Chungcheongnam-do Province. The competition was hosted by the Chungnam Canoe Association and the Korea Canoe Federation. It is divided into five categories (K-1, K-2, K-4, C-1 and C-2) in the three 200m, 500m, 1,000m events. This year, 90 teams from across the country participated. Lee Jun-young, a sophomore in the Department of Physical Education at Changwon University, won three gold medals at the competition. The CWNU canoe club, won three gold medals, four silver medals, and one bronze medal, ranking second overall in the university division. The Campus Journal interviewed Lee Jun-young, who was the strongest competitor in the college division.

1 The CWNU canoe club participated in the 16th Baengmagang National Canoe Competition (Lee Joon-young is the leftmost student).

Q: How do you feel about winning three gold medals at the National Canoe Games?

Lee: Hello, I am Lee Jun-young, a second-year student majoring in Physical Education. In my first year of college I didn’t win any gold medals at the National Competition, so I’m delighted that I won the triple crown this year. However, I can't just be happy because I'm worried about whether I can keep this position.

Q: Please introduce the CWNU Canoe Club.

Lee: The CWNU Canoe Club has less than half of the number of members of the canoe club from Korea National Sport University. However, the passion and skills of our club can be attributed to its outstanding members. The activities we participate in can be divided into two main categories which depend on the shape of the boat. A kayak has a double-edged paddle, and the boat itself is covered on top. A canoe, on the other hand, has no cover on top and uses a single-edged paddle. However, in white water rapids canoes use a cover.

Q: Did the club make any changes to do better in this year’s competition?

Lee: I competed in the kayak two-seater event last time and won championships twice, but I won second place in the 200-meter single-seater race. Unfortunately, the reason why I came in second place was because I thought I lacked skills and strength, so I focused on building up my physical strength. The most important skill when riding a canoe is how to slice the water. To paddle properly the coach always mentioned using the pelvis. I think I grew a lot and got good results because I focused on practicing proper canoeing technique.

Q: What was the hardest thing about preparing for the competition?

Lee: The canoe requires a balance of strength and endurance. A lot of muscle strength is needed to paddle through the water, and endurance is needed to maintain a strong pace. The hardest moments are when I can’t use these skills properly and when my strength is in the way of what I want. When practicing, if my boat is moving well and I have a good feeling, I have the energy no matter how hard it is. On the days when my skills are lacking it’s a lot more difficult to canoe.

Q: What is the charm of canoeing?

Lee: I think canoeing has a subtle charm. Even though it's hard and a lot of work, I continued to practice and work to improve. I think I also enjoy the sense of accomplishment after practice or in a competition.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

Lee: I plan to practice consistently with the goal of winning 4 gold medals at the next competition. My last goal is to be recognized as a skilled competitor and, if possible, to join the national team. Canoeing is not a well-known or popular sport, as many people think of coffee brands first when they hear “canoe(kanu)”, but I hope that people will pay a lot of attention to canoeing in the future.

By Kim Seong-Ju, cub-reporter

By Kim Seong-Ju, cub-reporter  nicole0215@naver.com

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