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Introducing the Changwon University Creative Convergence Education Center!
  • By Shin Ji-won, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.05.18 04:47
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The Changwon National University Creative Convergence Education Center (formerly the Basic Education Center) has been conducting liberal arts education since 2005 with the aim of fostering "self-reliance and creative talents with strong fundamentals". It is divided into three purposes: a liberal arts education center, a major education center, and a teaching and learning center to support students, professors and research activities. The Center for Liberal Education currently supports the "Communication Writing-Speaking Clinic" from April to December. In addition, the faculty learning center is holding a contest titled "Finding the Home-Learn King of Changwon University" from May 25 to June 8 of 2020, under the theme of "Free Topics for Self-directed Learning Experience in Remote Classes."

The "Communication Writing-Speaking Clinic" is designed to foster convergence-type talent by strengthening students' communication capabilities, such as writing, speaking, presentations and discussions. These skills will help students participate in the global environment and adapt to social changes. It provides one-on-one customized professional counseling guidance to students who find it difficult to write, such as help with cover letters, class presentations, major assignments, and experimental reports. Currently, due to COVID-19 the Communication Writing-Speaking Clinic provides remote classes and task-oriented education.

The clinic has three counselors (from the Customer Counseling Institute) and feedback from the counseling clinic is provided within three days from the date of application for student counseling. The application for communication clinic counseling can be accessed on the website of the Center for Creative Convergence Education (http://ust.changwon.ac.kr). To apply for counselling follow these steps: 1. Login (using Waggle ID and password) 2. Fill out the application for writing-talking clinic counseling 3. Select online or offline counseling 4. Bulletin Board Writing. Applying for counseling will help professional counseling researchers analyze the pros and cons of writing and continue to improve the counselling being offered. There is no risk of exposure to personal privacy because only the applicant himself or the counselor can check what the students wrote on the bulletin board.

A prominent program at the Center for Liberal Education is also the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program. WAC is a writing program that sticks closely to a curriculum. It helps students organize their own thoughts and internalize in-depth concepts by fusing writing into the curriculum. In addition to these programs, the Center for Culture and Education provides writing-release history management for students, holds special lectures with guest experts, and special lectures during the vacation period. Support for professors includes student writing history management, teaching workshops, and special lectures with guest experts. R&D support includes the development of a clinic counseling system for courses, and research on the composition of online systems and student/professor/tutor surveys. To access any of these services please visit the Center for Educational Effectiveness (the 4th floor of Dongbaek Hall) or contact 055-213-2662.

The Creative Convergence Education Center is also holding many unique activities. The faculty learning center will operate the "2020 Home-Learn Learning Contest" from May 25 to June 8, coinciding with the opening of the baseball season. The name of the contest is 'Finding the Home Learn King of Changwon.' It is also an attempt to create a sense of familiarity in remote classes. Students can enter submissions for hand-written (written), webtoon (images), and UCC (video) under the theme of freedom of self-directed learning experiences during remote classes. Students can submit applications and entries in a Waggle note (ID: happy 10047), and the winners will be awarded prizes. First place will receive 300,000 won in prizes and prize money. Second place will receive 200,000 won in prizes and reward money. Third place will receive 100,000 won in prize money and participation souvenirs. Through the contest topics may change such as "My Day of Remote Classes", "New Learning Habits for Remote Classes", and "An Interesting Anecdote from Remote Classes with Professors". The professor learning center will be a good stepping stone for identifying changes and the learning conditions of undergraduates, and help with discovering and sharing excellent learning methods.

Changwon National University's Creative Convergence Education Center is responsible for supporting students, professors, and research and development through various programs and contests. The participation of many students and professors will lead to the further development of Changwon National University to achieve the goal of the Creative Convergence Education Center, "realization of subjective and creative whole-cultural education." I hope many students from Changwon University participate.

By Shin Ji-won, cub-reporter

By Shin Ji-won, cub-reporter  jennna09@naver.com

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