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What Will Happen to the Campus in 2020?
  • By Kim Daeun, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.04.27 07:14
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The head office of CWNU has been undergoing remodeling since November in 2017. It is also reported that the College of Economics & Business and a university dormitory will be remodeled. When will the head office of CWNU be completed? Which buildings will be remodeled after the head office of CWNU? Yoon Jong-gu, who works at the facility affairs section gave the Campus Journal some answers. Here is some information about the exact remodeling plans and reasons for the remodeling of the head office of CWNU, the College of Economics & Business, and a university dormitory.

Remodeling the Head Office of CWNU

▲ The air view of the head office of CWN

The head office of CWNU is under construction and undergoing remodeling. As the size of the CWNU head office increased, its facilities were expanded into other buildings. Therefore, the head office of CWNU will be expanded to centralize these facilities. Construction will be completed in four stages. From the beginning of 2020, the fourth stage of construction began and it is scheduled to be completed by early May in 2020. After completion, the CWNU head office relocation will take place in May. The CWNU head office will move from the Language Education Center, which was used temporarily as the head office of CWNU, to the new main head office of CWNU.

Remodeling the College of Economics & Business

▲ The air view of the College of Economics & Business

After the relocation of the head office of CWNU in May, the College of Economics & Business will be remodeled. The Ministry of Education provided funds for CWNU to remodel the aging facilities. The College of Economics & Business is the oldest building at CWNU which was the reason why it was selected for remodeling. The students of the college of Economics & Business will need a building as an alternative space during construction. Students will use the building which is currently being used as the temporary head office for CWNU (The Language Education Center). After the relocation, the construction will begin around July this year. It will change both the inside and outside of the building. After the remodeling is completed, the College of Humanities and Sarim Student Hall are scheduled to be remodeled.

Remodeling a University Dormitory

The first building of the university dormitory (1-dong) will be remodeled in August as part of the BTL project, just like the fifth, sixth, and seventh university dormitories at CWNU. The BTL project is a government program to solve the lack of funds for the construction, expansion, and renovation of school facilities. Private companies will spend money to build social infrastructure, and ownership will be transferred to the government after completion. However, the government will pay a lease to private operators to collect their investment. Currently, the first building of the university dormitory is too crowded to use because of double occupancy, and the students living in the first dormitory have shared shower rooms and bathrooms. The BTL project will be used to solve the inconvenience caused by lack of space. The first construction project for the university dormitory will expand dormitory occupancy to about 400 people. The construction will proceed to expand the space of each room and install toilets and shower rooms in each room. Improving the facilities of the second and third building of the university dormitory is also being discussed with the Ministry of Education.

There are other buildings scheduled to be remodeled this year. The gymnasium was selected for expansion this year, and construction will start next year. The school is always considering the convenience of students when planning constructions projects. The school will continue to gradually change the facilities of the school. The higher the interest of the students, the better the buildings will be at CWNU.

By Kim Daeun, cub-reporter

By Kim Daeun, cub-reporter  daun021800@naver.com

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