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Make Your Day Special with a One-Day Class!
  • By Shin Ji-won, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2020.04.09 17:13
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Selmaon's head of the workshop said, “Most of the people who visit our One-Day Class are people who come to find some sort of 'healing'. An impressive example would be a guest who came with their mother to make soap. It was so nice to see them and I was proud to hear that they developed a very good relationship after making soap together. Most of the people who come to our One-Day Class are people who come for ‘healing’. I recommend coming to Selmaon to make soap and candles to those who want to make some time for themselves, or get back some equilibrium in their busy daily lives!"

▶ Soap made in Selmaon.

One-Day classes can be healing for those who are tired of their daily life. If students at Changwon University want to get back into their hobbies and find some healing, One-Day classes are a great way to do that. When people challenge themselves, they learn and grow!

By Shin Ji-Won, cub-reporter

By Shin Ji-won, cub-reporter  jennna09@naver.com

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