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Spring is Here, Feel the Romance!
  • By Seo Seong-il, reporter
  • 승인 2020.04.08 22:21
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Due to the recent COVID-19 epidemic, many people are unable to fully enjoy spring. Most people are spending most of their time at home and refraining from going out. Popular places to view flowers are closed meaning the majority of people can’t enjoy. spring. A new semester has begun, and various kinds of flowers are blooming all around campus. Also, many people often associate spring with finding their first love. Here are some ways to enjoy spring while inside at home. listen to music, watch movies, or read books. Movies are a great way to get into the feeling of spring because movies can bring the sights and sounds of spring. Here are three spring romance movies with their original sound tracks.

1. The Story of April

The Japanese movie 'The Story of April' released in 2000. At 64 minutes, the movie has a short running time. The main character had a crush on a senior in high school. She tries to pursue him by going to the same university as him. But the movie ends at the moment when they get together, so it feels like a fairy tale. In addition, the beautiful scenery of April which includes falling cherry blossoms, bike-rides in alleys, and a lively campus are all outstanding. The structure of the story, the color on the screen, the music and all the cinematic devices make this movie a fairy tale. You can feel romance just by looking at the scenes of freshmen on campus, and newlyweds crossing the streets in a rain of cherry blossoms.

2. Architecture

‘Architecture’ is a Korean film that was released in 2012. It is a famous movie that made the character 'Suzy' the first love of many Koreans. This movie’s story is about the first love of a new college student and follows the characters 10 years later. The movie explores the common emotions and problems of a typical Korean college student. Above all, the most romantic scene is when the two main characters listen to the same music. They listen to the song, Exhibit Exhibition - "Etude of Memory" together. And music plays throughout the movie, too. The audience can reminisce about past first loves and feel nostalgic. Also, the audience will be able to enjoy the harmony between the visual beauty and music of the film. This is a highly recommended, immersive film.

3. La Boum

The previous two movies were about first loves of college freshmen, but this movie story is about a 13-year-old transfer student's first crush. 'La Boum' is a French film released in 2013. The most romantic scene in this movie is

▲ A scene that has newlyweds crossing the streets in a rain of cherry blossoms(https://blog.naver.com/funky829/185384486)
▲ A scene where lovers listen to the music of Jeon Lham Hoe(https://blog.naver.com/sia0297/165033980)
▲ The scene with the OST song ‘Reality’(https://blog.naver.com/wjdwlgh90/220853255977)

the boy puts a headphone on the main character at a party. The party is progressing, but headphones make it an intimate, romantic moment for both of them. At that moment, the song “Reality” by Richard Sanderson plays. Everyone has probably heard this song at least once. This is a good romantic song to get into a springtime mood. Not only is it romantic, it’s also a good dance song. However, many Koreans may not like this romantic story because it contains Western free love values. In short, the movie stands out because of the heroine, Sophie Marceau and the OST song “Reality”.

By Seo Seong-il, reporter  qlvmfl99@naver.com

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