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Everything About Clubs at Changwon University
  • By Choi Yuri, Shin Ji-won
  • 승인 2020.03.26 15:52
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Club activities challenge students to do new things, to share hobbies with each other, and to build skills. Changwon University students have a lot of clubs that have formed with students who share a mutual interest. Therefore, Changwon University provides a lot of support not only for students' studies but also for a variety of activities. The Campus Journal asked the leaders of special clubs about club activities, and what they wanted to say to the incoming freshmen.


1. Comuse

Comuse is the CWNU band club that does school performances and busking. Club members enjoy various types of music with people who love music. Comuse is a space where students can learn how to play instruments, learn how to play the music they like, and make friends too. We are expecting performances in school that we take every year on May and November. If possible, Comuse will busk in front of the school. Students don’t need to worry about auditions or interviews; Comuse welcomes everyone who likes music. The club has guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards, singers, and so on. A person that has never played an instrument can easily learn how to play an instrument of their choice through mentoring. Comuse has an atmosphere where students can easily get to know other club members. When the club prepares for a performance, club members make a team with close friends, or a temporary team by instrument section, and they practice on a practice schedule.

To the new club members and students interested in joining Comuse: “We welcome everyone that wants to have a fun university life and wants to learn how to play an instrument.”


2. Phoenix

Phoenix is the cheerleading squad that represents Changwon University. The Phoenix cheerleading squad is a club that prepares performances with its members focusing on action cheerleading. Phoenix promotes the school through events at Changwon University, at middle and high school festivals, and at local events in Gyeongsangnamdo. Phoenix also goes beyond simply cheering. The club shows the enthusiasm of college students and communicates with the crowd to spread cheering culture. This year, Phoenix is going to participate in a cheerleading competition, and have more performances than last year. New club members are chosen through interviews, more so than through auditions, and practice is held for two hours on a weekday evening. Also, it’s recommended for students to join in the first semester because in the second semester there is a difference in the amount of practice.

To the new club members and students interested in joining Phoenix: “If you join the 28th class, you'll be able to make a lot of unforgettable memories of your university days. And you will meet some really good people. If you want an experience like this, join Phoenix!”


3. Pyhita

Pyhita is a women’s dance squad at Changwon University. Pyhita practices a variety of dance styles like k-pop and hip-hop. Last year, Pyhita performed at a freshman retreat, a school festival, and had a joint performance with the hip-hop club Podabiz. Outside of school, Pyhita went on to perform at a military unit, a flower festival, and in a contest. The dance squad also has a regular performance at the end of the second semester every year. Pyhita recruits members throughout the four seasons regardless of age or school year. There are no auditions, members just need to have a passion for dancing to join Pyhita. Practice is held on weekday evenings, and if members are worried about dancing they can support the club through filming, promoting, and preparing for a performance.

To the new club members and students interested in joining Pyhita: “During winter vacation, club members can go on a retreat and make friends for the school year! New members, I hope you can have fun with us on stage and create a lot of good memories.”

▲CWNU Play Club

4. CWNU Play Club

CWNU play club is the only theatrical club at Changwon University. It was created to add to Changwon's limited cultural scene. Not only does CWNU Play Club give acting guidance, but it also produces and practices stage composition, scripts, puts on performances on campus, and does activities related to theater such as watching theatrical performances. This year, they are planning three theatrical performances, as well as attending plays and various other activities. They were selected as the best club of 2018 for their play. There are not only actors but also various roles such as directing, planning, sound, lighting, promotion, set design, and props. There are also poster designers because of the many posters and pamphlets made to promote the performances. There is no interview to join, any student can participate if they want to. Practice is coordinated with the schedule of directors, actors, and crew participating in the play, and it usually lasts at least three hours on weekdays.

To the new club members and students interested in joining CWNU Play Club: “It's okay if it's your first time getting involved with theater! As long as you have an interest and a passion for theater, please knock on the door of the CWNU Play Club!”


5. Zip

Zip is an architectural volunteer club at Changwon University, with the Korean word for "home" written in English. Zip is one of the Habitat for Humanity approved clubs at various universities across the country which hosts construction work. More specifically, Zip conducts educational services, creates environmental sculptures, and hosts contests. The primary activity of Zip club is building services, and during vacation they participate in 'Habitat for Building a House of Hope' where they try to build their own house. In addition, club members perform various volunteer activities, such as repairing houses for war veterans and making bookshelves for multicultural families. These activities are planned and carried out in conjunction with various organizations. Club members have the chance to build a house, develop skills needed for life, and participate in a variety of volunteer work that isn’t commonly available. There is no interview needed to join the club and passion for helping others is the most important trait.

To the new club members and students interested in joining Zip: “You can do volunteer work, have some memorable experiences, and develop many skills! Everyone is always welcome.”

▲CUTC Tennis Club

6. CUTC Tennis Club

The CUTC Tennis Club is engaged in activities such as learning tennis or playing games with each other under the leadership of the head of the tennis training department In addition to training and playing games with students at CWNU, the club also plays tennis with a variety of schools and a diverse group of people. CUTC Tennis Club plays with schools in South Gyeongsang Province such as Kyungnam University, Kyungnam University of Science and Technology, Kyungsang University, Gongju University, and Jeju University. Recently, we are proud to have participated in various tennis tournaments and won awards.

To the new club members and students interested in joining CUTC Tennis Club: “Even if you've never learned how to play tennis, you don't have to worry because the senior club members, such as the head of training, will kindly teach you from the basics. You can play fun games with your peers and senior club members. We would like to welcome anyone who likes sports or wants to learn new sports!”

▲ATC Photo Club

7. ATC Photo Club

First of all, the ATC Photo Club has a weekly meeting every Monday. The meeting reviews the photos taken by members the week before, and decides which locations members should go to take photos next. People who have time on weekends go to the chosen location to shoot. In addition, club members go to take pictures on weekdays, and the club holds photo exhibitions once a semester. We sometimes go on MT and travel, and we leave all activities up to my personal choice!

To the new club members and students interested in joining ATC Photo Club: “Your age, camera presence, and photography skills don't matter if you want to join. Anyone with a love of photography and traveling is welcome. Please visit our club with an open mind and a positive attitude. “

▲Mukhyang Calligraphy Research Club

8. Mukhyang Calligraphy Research Club

First of all, the club decides the day of the week to practice calligraphy and holds a monthly meeting for each typeface class, has a monthly skill check, and holds a general meeting once a week. Also, at the end of the semester, there is an exhibition where club members can show off the skills that they have learned and nurtured.

To the new club members and students interested in joining Mukhyang Calligraphy Research Club: “Whether going on a picnic or a term trip, let's make some fun memories! We want to welcome all of you to Mukhyang, the calligraphy research club, where you can enjoy the smell of ink and friendship.”

▲RCY Volunteer Club

9. RCY Volunteer Club

RCY has school volunteer work every month and is run by the governor of South Gyeongsang Province. At the activities held by the governor of Gyeongnam Province, club members can have fun volunteering and meet many people because they are doing volunteer work with students from other schools in Gyeongnam Province.

Also, there are volunteer activities such as baking bread at school, rural experience activities, environmental cleanup activities on Jeju Island, Caribbean Bay in Everland leaders, and overseas volunteer activities.

To the new club members and students interested in joining RCY Volunteer Club: “I had my first encounter with RCY in college, and I met a lot of really good people and had a lot of fun. Even though I won’t need to continue doing volunteer work after I graduate, I think I’ll continue to do volunteer work. I hope a lot of people can come and have positive experiences volunteering.”

By Choi Yuri, Shin Ji-won  y0uuri@naver.com, jennna09@naver.com

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