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The Death Penalty in South Korea A Double-Edged Sword
  • By Seo Seong-il, reporter
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South Korea has the a death penalty, but no one has been executed since on December 30 1997. In effact, the Republic of Korea became a nation of abolition against the death penalty. However, the Republic of Korea still has the power to sentence criminals with the death penalty for 16 specific crimes. Currently, There are 61 death-row convicts including gunmen, gang members, serial killers (Yoo Young-chul, Kang Ho-soon) and criminals who have committed crimes against children. These 61 convicts have all been sentenced with the death penalty and are waiting to be executed. Recently, Jang Dae-ho, a suspect in the Han River dismemberment case, filed an appeal to be sentenced with the death penalty. If the death penalty has been executing, Jang Dae-ho would appealed for a higher sentence? Did Jang Dae-ho commit crimes worthy of a death sentence? When executed, death-row convicts die immediately. If that happens, the state become to kill the 61 citizens. Also, if the death-row convicts are found to innocent after the sentence has been carried out, then they died wrongful deaths. Thus, there are pros and cons to the death penalty. Changwon National University students have to say about death penalty?


“The laws concerning the death penalty should be strengthened. If criminals are sentenced to life imprisonment, they will stay in prison for 30 years. But, if criminals become exemplary prisoners, they can be released before they serve 30 years in prison. Many criminals are released from prison because those who deserve death are sentenced to life imprisonment. So people are afraid of crimes of vengeance. even from criminals who have killed people.”

“Criminals who kill people should be punished. The death-row convicts are still alive and the Korea has not carried out the death penalty. Instead, the government provides meals and bedding for death-row convicts. However, there are many people around us who are suffering more than death-row convicts. Instead of providing meals and bedding to them, the government should provide more support to our struggling neighbors.”

“Families of murder victims will be really angry if the assailant remains alive. There is no need to protect the human rights of criminals who have trampled on other people's rights”.

“South Korea is a democratic country. People in a democratic nation should be held accountable for their behaviors. Murderers should be punished accordingly. All murderers should be sentenced with the death penalty and executed.”


“It’s sufficient for the maximum sentence to be life imprisonment, as the death penalty can lead to wrongful death. However, if a criminal has committed a felony, and there is evidence that proves without a doubt that the criminal has committed the felony, then the criminal should be executed.”

“Historically, the death penalty has been used around the world. But recently countries have been abolishing the death penalty for two main reasons. The first reason is that human life becomes viewed as more precious as a society develops into a modern society. The second reason is that some people die unjustly from the death penalty In addition, if the death penalty had a significant effect on crime prevention, all countries would have the death penalty. The cause of a crime may be accidental or emotional. The death penalty may not be effective against these sorts of crimes. Also, there are only 61 death-row convicts in South Korea, so the tax money spent on them is minimal. According to the interviews and interrogations of a Jang Dae-ho, he feels no sense of guilt and claims that the murder was justified. Because the dead man was a villain. Therefore, the death penalty and criminals are not as related to each other as one might think.”

▲The rate that students support or oppose the death penalty

By Seo Seong-il, reporter  qlvmfl99@naver.com

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