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Wrapping up 2019: CWNU International Student Night

On Nov. 29, ‘CWNU International Student Night’ took place for all of the 2019 international students studying in Korea. Anyone who attended classes, graduate school, exchange students, Korean language research students, one-to-one, and major study participants could participate. The first part of the event was held on the first floor of the auditorium in the Sarim Student Hall at Changwon University. The second part of the event was held at a sushi buffet called Qooqoo. The events included reports and guides for international programs, information from international affairs and the ISC (International Students Council), an introduction of prospective graduates and representatives from each country, a talent show of students studying abroad, a students' satisfaction survey, and a delicious dinner.

The students watched a video which included events that happened throughout the year, including the entrance ceremony, CWNU International Student Sports Day, Jeonju for Korean culture, ISC membership training, and the CWNU Global Expo. Through the event, students were able to look back on everything they had done over the year. Some international students met Korean students through programs such as One To One and major study. Next, the prospective graduates received certificates and gifts. The talent show was performed by two singing groups and one group playing instruments. The first participant played a pipe, the second group sang a Chinese song, and the last participant sang a Korean song. Everyone was impressed and surprised by how good the performances were. The winner of the talent contest was chosen by vote on Kakao Talk, and all participants received wireless earphones as a prize.

Since this event is was the last official activity of the 1st ISC, they gave thanks to everyone and performed a song with choreography. They spent a year supporting international student events and affairs and creating their own programs. One of the most popular programs was the ISC Buddy Program. Many students were able to make Korean or foreign friends through the program. Thanks to the ISC Buddy Program, participants had a chance to participate in a lot of activities such as Beautiful Korea. The buddy matching program will continue every month throughout the semester. Also, the ISC will make other programs for a more multicultural CWNU. The ISC’s 2nd round of recruitment is scheduled to take place in January, so interested students should pay attention to Waggle or the Changwon National University Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/cnuinternational/?ref=bookmarks), and ISC instagram (@cwnu_isc).

Song Min-kyung, a sophomore in the department of International Relations, and one of the first members of the ISC, said, "Since I was one of the first members, I was worried about how well I would do because there were not many things that had been officially set up. So, we had regular meetings and spent a lot of time discussing the problems we faced. We made rules, divided roles, and worked hard in each of our positions at each event. It was by doing this that we were able to successfully finish all of the events of the year. I hope that the ISC is able to support more helpful and useful activities for international students studying in Korea. I look forward to being part of a better ISC in our 2nd year.” Minh-anh, a junior in the department of English Language & Literature, said, “I'm so happy to have been a member of the ISC this year. The members of the ISC were all passionate and active. I am so grateful to the teacher of the international affairs and the president of the ISC. The event was perfect for cultural exchange, talent show and dinner. I’m satisfied that I have made unforgettable memories with the talent show in this event. I want to experience various activities at our school until graduation.”

The last 2019 event for international students studying in Korea was successfully completed. Congratulations to graduates and prospective graduate students. All the best to fulfilling your dreams in the future. To the students who are still studying at CWNU, concentrate on studying and growing through various experiences in Korea. International affairs and ISC will continue to work on programs for foreign students, and all students will always be welcome to participate.

▲ CWNU International Student Night

By Bae Yun-bin  binibbo99@naver.com

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