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YouTubers Invite People to Learn about Korea
  • By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter
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▲ Korean English man (Source : facebook)
▲ Hi Chad (Source : Youtube)

YouTube is a great way to discover and experience new things. YouTubers can share their ideas and content with subscribers from all around the world. Among them, there are many YouTubers who love Korean culture, history, k-pop, and food. Some YouTube channels that share Korean culture with the world are Hi Chad, Korean English man, Dan and Joel, Awesome Korea, and The World of Dave. These YouTubers are really fascinated by Korea and make Koreans feel proud of their culture.

Hi Chad

Chad is an American who creates videos about movies, k-pop, and TV programs from Korea. He went to Times Square in New York City to inform everybody about historical and political problems between Korea and Japan. He discussed the history of Comfort Women, Dokdo, and how controversial the Rising Sun flag is and what it represents. He didn’t get paid by anyone and nobody requested for him to do any of this. He used his own money and shared his own views. Thus, he made the advertisements about Korea to name out at Times Square, and he talked to strangers to inform them about Korean history. Advertisements at Times Square never have political messages or share opinions on controversial topics. He spent a ton of time working on this project, but the advertisement was denied over 10 times for being too political. He never gave up though, and the ad was finally approved and got the message out.

For example, a month ago, he shared this message, “The Rising Sun flag is offensive and should not be used at the 2020 Olympics! Sign the petition at: 2020flag.com”. His goal is to get more than 100,000 signatures to get an official response from the White House to stop Japan from using the Rising Sun flag in the 2020 Olympics. He said in a video that he thinks Japan is not taking responsibility for the actions that they committed in the past. And he is happy to get the message out for Korea, his main goal being to get people interested.

Korean Englishman

The Englishman, Josh Carrot, is a popular YouTuber with about 365 million subscribers. He is very popular in Korea because he speaks Korean fluently, and he truly understands the beauty of Korea. He loves everything in Korea, but he thought that people in England didn’t really know much about Korea. So, he started a YouTube channel with his friend in 2013. Since then his passion for Korean culture has grown, and he wants to share all that he learns about it. He introduces Korean food and culture in videos like ‘How to make Kimchi’, ‘Foreigners Try Makgeolli (Korea’s traditional rice wine) for the First Time’ or ‘Destroyed by Korean Body Scrub in a Sauna’. His channel also helps Koreans learn about the English language, food, tourist attractions, and the differences between England and Korea.

In his videos, people from various fields continue to add interesting opinions and ideas. He shares Korean culture, food, and products to people of all ages, like his family and friends, so that Koreans can see a cultural exchange by watching their reactions and comments. He even received the ‘Ginggeomdari Award’ in the 19th CICI Korea Image Award for creating strong ties between Korea and England, and promoting a positive image of Korea to the world. In April of last year, he even made famous actors and actresses try Korean food. He tries to make subscribers experience culture through YouTube videos by eating food, not just to have a Mukbang (an online video broadcast in which a person eats while interacting with their audience). He emphasized in the video that he wanted to keep the British community informed about Korea, and to connect Korean culture to the world through YouTube.

By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter  rosielee@kakao.com

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