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Changes in CWNU Scholarship Regulations
  • By Nam Da-hyeon, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2019.11.20 03:44
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The main scholarships at Changwon National University (CWNU) are divided into two categories: internal scholarships and external scholarships. Internal scholarships are funded through university tuition fees. External scholarships are offered by various committees or individuals.

The internal scholarships consist of three categories which determine how to allocate funds to students. First, funds are distributed to students who are chosen by colleges or departments. Second, the Office of Student Affairs selects recipients to receive funds. CWNU has various kinds of internal scholarships. These include an entrance scholarship, an academic performance scholarship, scholarships for international students and disabled students, etc. The last is a national grant based on tuition.

On October 23, 2019, CWNU’s undergraduate scholarship rules were reformed to promote better trust and to make the process of financial management clear by specifying the terms of scholarships and their requirements.

The first change concerns scholarships for students who are patriots or veterans. The range of recipients changed from people of national merit or their children to persons who are eligible for educational assistance through the ‘Act for the Honorable Treatment and Support of Persons, etc. of Distinguished Services to the State’.

To find out which students are beneficiaries check out Chapter III Educational Assistance, Article 22 (Beneficiaries, etc. of Educational Assistance). According to the act, beneficiaries can be soldiers or policemen wounded in action, wounded special contributors, spouses of soldiers or policemen killed in action, children and younger siblings of soldiers or policemen killed in action or who died on duty or on mission. Here is a link for more information on recipients: http://www.law.go.kr/LSW/eng/engLsSc.do?menuId=2&query=#liBgcolor110

There are conditions that must be met to receive scholarships. CWNU offers all students with a grade point average (GPA) of 1.6 or higher (from the previous semester) support with tuition fees.

The second change is focused on the scholarship which is offered to those whose family members are attending as students at CWNU. Before reforming the regulations, two or more family members had to attend the school at the same time to get a scholarship. This rule has now become more lax. It is now possible for someone to still get the scholarship even if the other family member is taking some time off from university. On top of that, the paper work for the scholarships has also become easier. Only a family relationship certificate is now required instead of certificate of identity and certificate of attendance.

If two family members are attending school at the same time, each of them will get a scholarship that is exempt from entrance fees and will be applied towards tuition. A situation in which more than three family members attend the same school would be different. CWNU offers full tuition fees to one family member, and the other family members will be granted exemption from admission fees and from some tuition fees. In both cases, there is an academic condition that should be met as well. Students need to get a GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.5 scale in their previous semester.

Apart from the two changes mentioned above, the rules regarding scholarships for international students, households which are having financial problems, etc. changed from receiving scholarship funds to a tuition exemption.

For more specific information on the overall rules regarding CWNU’s scholarships, please visit http://portal.changwon.ac.kr/portalMain/kms.do?gateway=kms

Also, anyone who has questions about scholarships can contact the Office of Student Affairs: Tel.055-213-2075~8

By Nam Da-hyeon, cub-reporter  skydhnam@naver.com

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