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Subscribers Review The Campus Journal
  • By Seo Seong-il, reporter
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Who are the subscribers of The Campus Journal? The total number of subscribers is unknown because there is not a comprehensive survey of Campus Journal subscribers Changwon National University. Interviews were conducted with a select few Campus Journal readers to learn more about them. Although many foreigners were expected to be among the subscribers, there were many Korean subscribers as well. Here are interviews with two Korean subscribers.

Q : Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Kong Young Hoe, 3th grade in the Department of International Trade. I was interviewed for The Campus Journal issue 253 'The Passion of Changwon National University Studies for Fashion.' After I did the interview, I saw the article in The newspaper. Seeing my interview in the Campus Journal, made me feel like a special person. It was fun because people who didn't know me could get to know me through the newspaper.

Q: Why do you enjoy reading our newspaper?

I've been interested in this newspaper since my interview in issue 253. And these days, I am studying very hard for TOEIC. It is not easy to read English newspapers, even while studying English, but I think it helps to improve my English reading skills. Sometimes, I tire of reading all of the similar sentences in TOEIC. So, through The Campus Journal, my interest English is reinvigorated. This newspaper is very helpful not only to me, but also to people who study English.

Q: What do you think about the design of our newspaper?

I think this newspaper has a very sophisticated design. Pages 1 and 4 are in color and pages 2 and 3 are in black and white. It has an interesting format. The first and fourth pages of the newspaper need to be pretty. But the second and third pages are black and white, so it focuses on the content of the articles. It's a mixture of color and black and white pages, so I feel like I’m reading two newspapers at once.

Q: What are the strengths and weaknesses of our newspaper?

The Campus Journal's strength is it’s a cool newspaper. I think The Campus Journal has less quantity than The Changwon National University Newspaper, but it is cooler. Because Korean reporters write articles in English. If they wrote articles in Korean it may be easier and more expressive for the reporters. But The Campus Journal's reporters are good at writing articles. Also, the reporters focus on only saying what is really necessary. The Campus Journal's weakness is that many people aren’t aware of The Campus Journal. I'm the only one that I know who reads this newspaper. People use their smartphones to go on SNS and read the news. Therefore, they don't read physical newspapers very often. Also, if you are Korean, you will probably read Korean newspapers. I think Koreans don't read English newspapers often. Also, if they don’t’ have any reason to read it, the Koreans who are good at English will not be motivated to read this newspaper.

The following is an interview with Ahn Gyu-joong, a student in the 3th grade of the Chosun Ocean Engineering Department.

Q : How did you come across our newspaper?

I have been reading The Campus Journal since last year. At first, I picked up the newspaper expecting The Changwon Newspaper and saw The Campus Journal. But it was like reading The Herald Newspaper, because the title and font of The Herald Newspaper were similar. When I was in the army, I used to read The Herald newspaper a lot, because my boss in the army read The Herald newspaper often. That's why The Campus Journal felt familiar.

Q : What should the newspaper do to improve?

I think The Campus Journal is good overall. But all the articles are similar. I feel like there are only one or two articles per page. It's less readable because the contents look monotonous. So, sometimes I feel bored reading the newspaper. Also, I think that there are articles that are unnecessarily long. There are many interesting and informative articles, but the articles don't need to be so long. For example, if there is only one article on a page, the reporter will try to convey a lot of information about a single topic. This can be a lot of focus on a single topic and make it seem boring.

By Seo Seong-il, reporter  qlvmfl99@naver.com

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