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2019 Recruiting Fair for Job Seekers

On October 30, the 2019 CWNU Recruiting Fair was held at the Gymnasium. With the upcoming job season, students preparing to look for jobs will be growing more worried about finding jobs. Amid the youth unemployment crisis, young people are facing more difficulties. Therefore, the Human Resources Development Institute of CWNU held a festival to help solve this problem.

The institute provided a communication platform for public institutions and leading local companies to meet with students. The institute gave opportunities to strengthen the system of support for professional growth and development through local community leaders. Seven other organizations participated in the employment briefing for public institutions, including the Korea Land & Housing Corp., and the Changwon Governor of the National Pension Service. Employment information for public institutions was provided, and NCS-based recruitment was introduced to students. Eight organizations including Hanwha Airspace, NongHyup Bank, and Gyeongnam Energy participated in the recruitment briefing session of local leading companies.

There was a booth for introducing excellent enterprise companies in the Changwon area, and for strengthening students' job skills. In the NCS zone, blind recruitment special lectures and NCS-based special lectures were conducted. Various events were held in the auxiliary event zone. There were AI interviews, a drone experience hall, an overseas employment hall, an image consulting hall, and a resume photo studio. It was beneficial to have a variety of programs and resources available to help students. Public company employees and fair participants shared their thoughts below.

Hwang Tae-hyun, an employee of the Korea Land & Housing Corp., said, "I was thrilled to be a successful senior and give job descriptions for job seekers. When asked about the NCS, I told them about my experiences such as tips on how to study." He also gave advice to students preparing to get jobs, "It's hard for young people these days. It can feel like Things don't work out as I please, and nothing gets better. This can be a huge blow to my self-esteem. I understand the feeling of frustration more deeply than anyone else because I’ve experienced it too. I have often wanted to give up, but I came here because it was cathartic and helped me see that I should be proud of myself. You will face a lot of trouble in the future, but I think you can succeed, and I hope you get what you want. Thank you."

One of the students who went to the fair was Seo Seung-yeon, a senior at the department of culture and technology. Seo Seung-yeon said, "It was good to have the opportunity to participate in such an exhibition at my school as a senior who is about to graduate. It was beneficial to have access to information from various agencies and companies while thinking about my career path. If I have this opportunity in the future, I would want to participate again and get help in preparing for future employment. However, since the fair was held on weekdays, I couldn't go to as many booths as I wanted to because I didn't have the time to spare between classes. It's a shame that many students were lined up at each booth which meant we couldn’t see them all."

Some said there was something missing from the event, but the fair left a good impression because it provided students with a lot of employment information. The Human Resources Development Institute of CWNU will continue to hold employment-related programs, and students can also get career support and counseling at the institute. With these resources, CWNU will continue to help produce talented people who will contribute to the community and enhance the university’s image in the future.

By Bae Yun-bin  binibbo99@naver.com

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