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What is the Favorite Fast Food Burger Place of the Students at Changwon University?
  • By Seo Seong-il, reporter
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▲The Favorite Fast Food Burger place of the Students at Changwon University

I was wondering which fast food burger franchises are popular with students at Changwon University. So I asked the students which franchises they prefer. Burger King, Mom’s Touch, McDonald's, or Lotteria. A total of 60 people responded, and Burger King took first place. Out of 60 students, 20 chose Burger King. Second place was Mom’s Touch with 19 people choosing it. Third place was McDonald’s with 13 people choosing it. Last place went to Lotteria with 8 people choosing it. So, let's find out why the students chose the franchises that they did.

Burger King

“I like handmade burgers. I think the burgers at Burger King taste more like handmade burgers than other hamburger franchises.”

“I had a part time job at Burger King and it was really clean and sanitary. Also, hamburgers with steak patties are not available at other franchises.”

“Burger King has the Whopper series, so it's fun, and the truffle mushrooms are very delicious. Also, Burger King's advertisements are very impressive. The sad thing about Burger King is that there are not many store locations. However, Burger King has many discount events through delivery. Because of that, it seems to be overcoming marketing problems.”

Mom’s Touch

“The french fries are delicious and the chicken patties are soft. The vegetables and white sauce in the hamburger are especially delicious. Notably, the Mom’s Touch in front of Changwon University is good because it is bigger than Lotteria.”

“Unlike other franchises, their potatoes have a unique seasoning. So I chose Mom’s Touch because it's delicious even without ketchup.”

“The Mom’s Touch Chicken Burger has a whole of chicken meat. So I can really taste the chicken in the burger.”


“I like McDonald's the most, because it is delicious and the price is reasonable. Also, they have ‘premium burgers’ which offer a wide range of menu choices.”

“Mc Drive is very convenient so I used to use their delivery service.

“McDonald's fries are just perfect. Because it has an ideal amount of salt, I can’t stop eating McDonald's French fries.”


“I can't forget the taste of Lotteria's Tendergrill Chicken Burger. It was the first hamburger I ever ate. I still haven't forgotten the taste of the Tender Grill Chicken Burger that I ate with my parents. When my friends got bulgogi burgers, I always ate a Tender Grill Chicken Burger, and that was pure happiness. I miss that burger even more today. I miss you... Tender Grill Chicken Burger…”

“I prefer Lotteria's Mozzarella In the Burger Hash the most. Mozzarella cheese and hash are really a fantasy combination.”

“Since I mainly ate Lotteria hamburgers when I was young, I am used to the taste of Lotteria hamburgers. The Lotteria near where I live is always fresh and has lots of vegetables. The french fries are better because they taste less salty than other franchises’ french fries.”

By Seo Seong-il, reporter  qlvmfl99@naver.com

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