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ISC, I am Supporting CWNU!
  • By Nam Da-hyeon, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2019.09.18 17:47
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ISC, I am Supporting CWNU !

There are a lot of international students who are from many different countries such as China, Vietnam, and Russia who study at Changwon National University (CWNU). The International Affairs Department of CWNU has been carrying out various programs to support and encourage these international students. These programs and events are the Night of International Students, cultural experiences, counseling services for international students, One to One (a cultural exchange between international students and Korean students), and the International Student Council (ISC). The ISC is a group which was launched at the beginning of this year. The ISC consisted of ten Korean student members when it first started. However, since the beginning of this semester, international students have started to get involved as members of the ISC. There are ten people in total: four from China, three from Vietnam, and three from other countries. From this semester onwards, the programs mentioned above will be held by both Korean and international members.

Bae Yun-Bin, a Korean member of the ISC, said, “Providing programs and activities for international students is the purpose of the ISC. At first, the council was supposed to be comprised of Korean and international students, but that plan was delayed. Therefore, we started to include international students as members of the ISC from the second semester on. They helped the Korean members when they had trouble communicating with international students who were not fluent in Korean. For example, they went to the airport with Korean members to pick up CWNU’s new international students. It really helped them to feel more relaxed instead of feeling lost and far from home.”

Let’s meet two international students who are members of the ISC, Jang Hye-rim (Dept. of Business Administration, China) and Ho Ti Giang (Dept. of International Trade, Vietnam).

Please introduce yourself.

Jang: Hello, I am Jang Hye-rim from China, and a student of Changwon National University. I am studying at the Department of Business Administration, in the College of Business School. I have been in Korea for three years, and I am now in the first term of my last year at CWNU.

Ho: I am the president of the Vietnamese Student Council, and I joined the ISC this semester.

• What is the reason that you joined the committee?

Jang: Since I did not know anything about Korea when I first came here, I had quite a tough time when I first entered CWNU. I could barely get any help, except from the International Affairs Department. So, I am the president of the Chinese Student Council to help students who are struggling with the same problems that I had. Also, when I saw a notice recruiting new members of the ISC, I thought it was a way to go and approach more students who need help.

Ho: I joined the council because I wanted to help Vietnamese students and other international students here at CWNU.

• Do you have any plans for this year as members of the ISC?

Jang: I am planning a Chinese paper-cutting program for Hangul Proclamation Day on October 9. Chinese students will introduce and explain the history and culture of paper-cutting to the professors and students of CWNU.

Ho: Well, there is no special event in September, but we are planning an event for Hangul Day. The event will be held by students from many different countries. The event’s hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

• How would you like the ISC to grow?

Jang: I think that all of the members at the ISC are so kind, and that we love each other. I would like to keep these relationships. Additionally, I hope the ISC will connect with universities in Busan to work in various fields. I will do my best to help international students so that they can make good memories in Korea.

Ho: Until now, the council was mainly led by Korean students. On the other hand, we, Vietnamese students, haven’t had any experience on the council. Our goal is to do our best, even when we are confronted with difficult issues. I really hope that all the ISC members will keep their strong bonds with each other, and help one another. Lastly, I will personally do my best and make it my responsibility to let the ISC become a council that can give a hand to international students.

By Nam Da-hyeon, cub-reporter  skydhnam@naver.com

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