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Tell Us About Your Hobbies!
  • Kim Young-min, editor-in-chief
  • 승인 2019.09.08 20:47
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What does the word ‘hobby’ mean to you? An escape from all of your stress? Or maybe it is something that you have never thought of due to a busy life? Hobbies can vary depending on people’s personality, status, surrounding environment, gender, age, or lifestyle. Furthermore, hobbies are influenced by trends in society. For example, golfing has been one of the most well-known expensive hobbies in Korea for a long time, so playing golf as a hobby was a status symbol among rich people. However, as Korea’s GDP increased, lots of other people were able to afford playing golf which popularized golf as a hobby. Thus, people’s choice in hobbies can be affected by various factors.

Choo Byeong-su from the Department of Nursing Science

My hobby is to speak with many different people, which reflects my personality. Time means a lot to me. Everyone has only twenty-four hours in a day. The amount of time is equal for everyone, but the quality may not be so. Time is like money. People invest time to achieve what they want just like spending money to get the things that they desire. Thus, I cannot stand wasting time doing nothing or doing unproductive things. I am a freshman, and compared to my seniors I am relatively free from assignments and labs, so I am trying to learn and experience things that I am not familiar with. In order to enter my major I studied hard, focusing on things that were related to my major. Now, I want to invest my freshman year in equipping myself with new abilities that I have been missing in the past. That’s why I joined the English Speaking Study Group in Changwon as a way to use my time wisely. With this study I am interacting with people from many different fields and backgrounds. I also get indirect experience from their anecdotes and learn many lessons through them. My hobby makes me happy at the same time as setting me on the right track.

▲ Choo Byeong-su from Department of Nursing Science

Lim Hae-me from the Department of English & English Literature

I usually enjoy watching movies or hiking alone. At first when I heard this interview question it was quite hard for me to answer, because I haven’t thought of my hobbies recently. I am dedicating myself to my role as the president of the English Department student body this year. Thus, there are so many events to plan, prepare, and implement for our student body. For most of my time, I was surrounded by numerous people doing things that I have to carry out as the head. Due to my position, I did not have much time to myself. That is why I set aside some time for myself. I started to watch movies alone at home, or in the theatre, or walked alone with my air-pods on. When I walk alone I can focus on myself. Moreover, there are some people who just don’t understand why I like watching movies alone in the theatre, but this is how I get rid of my stress. Through my hobbies I not only find inner peace, but I can also reflect on myself.

▲ Lim Hae-mi from Department of English & English Literature

Kim Young-min, editor-in-chief  dnl2874@naver.com

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