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Baram, What Have They Achieved?
  • By Nam Da-hyeon, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2019.09.05 01:31
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Changwon National University (CWNU)’s 35th student council, Baram, has been in place since January 1st, 2019, replacing the 34th student council, Step by Step, in 2018. Before they were elected, t he committee made pledges that could be divided into six categories. These categories are facilities, welfare, events, communication, education, and obligations. On July 11th, 2019, they posted what they had been carrying out from January to July 2019 on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

1. Facilities

They moved bicycles and motorcycles that had been parked for a long time all around campus to make more parking spaces. Also, the student council conducted a survey to find out which areas around campus needed to have street lights installed. They brought up the subject of street lights in a meeting with Huh Sung-moo, the mayor of Changwon City. As a result, six new street lamps were installed around the dormitory, and broken things were repaired. The council and the head of Uichang-gu checked these installations and repairs together. The members of the committee inspected every toilet on campus by using a hidden camera detector as well. What is more, the water purifiers which were too old were cleaned and replaced with new ones.

2. Welfare

The Baram student council has worked for the welfare of students. First, Baram informed CWNU’s students about various volunteer opportunities such as wall painting. Second, the student council cheered students up by offering free snacks during midterm and final exams. Third, they provided buses for free to students who attended military training from July 1st to 5th. Fourth, they offered a helping hand to students moving into the dorms.

3. Events

There were several events that Baram arranged on campus last semester. The Cherry Blossom Festival was held at the school lake from April 1st to 3rd. There were a lot of events such as food trucks, lending mats, tables, and activities such as making rings with flowers. Also, there was an event to celebrate Parents’ Day. Students sent text messages to their parents to thank them for all their efforts and endeavors they have put towards raising them well. Meanwhile, there were two membership training seminars during the winter and summer vacations for students who wanted to get along with students from different majors.

4. Communication

The council has communicated with CWNU’s students by posting public calendars which inform students about major events and activities happening on campus. They post these calendars on Facebook and Instagram every month and report how well their pledges are carried out each term.

5. Education

The Baram student council ensured multi-taps were installed all over the library. Staplers were placed on the first and second floor of the library as well. If you are running out of staples, you can ask any nearby student workers for more. They posted monthly job recruiting notifications on the bulletin board, as well as on CWNU’s social media.

Here are some events that they have planned for the second semester:

First, there will be free ride for students during Chuseok on September 11th. Second, they will organize the 50th school festival from September 24th to 26th. Third, they will plan an event for Halloween. Fourth, E-sports games will take place in November. Fifth, a second-hand bookstore will open. It opened once last March, but it was only collected and sold books for elective classes. However, this renewed bookstore is also offering books which can be used in the core classes of each major. The steps to open the bookstore are: 1. Collect the books which have already been used throughout two sessions: from June 17th to 21st, and from September 2nd to 6th. 2. Make a list of the collected books. 3. Open an online chat room. 4. Check the stocks when the order is made. 5. Sell the books: from September 7th to 13th. In addition to the previously mentioned events, there will be a talk concert and a number of sports programs.

The Baram student council has been doing their best for student welfare in various ways during the first term of the year. They have one term left, and it is their mission to carry out the rest of their pledges by the end of this semester.

By Nam Da-hyeon, cub-reporter  skydhnam@naver.com

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