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Students’ Inconvenience in the Library
  • By Lee-Jaeseon, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2019.06.05 16:22
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Students’ Inconvenience in the Library

It seems that the midterm exam has just ended, but by looking at a library full of studying students tells us that the final exam is approaching fast. As we know, the library is overcrowded with students every exam week because the college library is an important hub for them. The library is the best place to get work done at the University. Some students say that they do not go to the library because they are distracted by others, but there are many more reasons. Here are some inconveniences that students suffer while studying and getting work done at the libraries.

First of all, the reading room in Changwon National University library has strict reservation systems. Students must reserve the seats either through the application Clicker or through the library’s first-floor reservation system. However, most of the students are experiencing difficulties with several inconvenient situations. For example, booked seats are taken by others even if it was approved as an empty seat by the system. Moreover, once the seat is reserved, students can avail it for 3 hours. But some students don't use up their reservation times and won't update the system as an empty seat. Some students also place their bags on the seat without reserving through any procedure or system. Plus, another case is exceeding allowed time without extending the reservation time. Simply booking with an application can prevent student’s confusion and at the same time, can save time in looking at the seats.

Moreover, most libraries have two rules: no eating, and no talking. These rules are clearly both very reasonable and common. Without these, students would not be able to concentrate on their studies. Despite this, there are some students who still bring foods into the reading room along with the noisy plastic sounds and talk, whisper, and chat with their friends. These noises can interrupt other students’ concentration. In addition, Changwon National University library has one more rule, which is no typing and clicking mouse. The reading room at Changwon National University allows students to use laptops and it provides specific seats for laptops users on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor of the reading room. All students are free to use their laptops if the students do not make any noise such as typing on a keyboard or mouse clicking sounds. It is not exaggeration to say that almost all students are very sensitive during the exam period. Everyone can agree that the sounds of typing and clicking can bother students a lot.

Library manner is essential to maintain order and good behavior at the library. However, it can become an incredible working environment if the students are considerate of the small rules.

By Lee-Jaeseon, cub-reporter

By Lee-Jaeseon, cub-reporter  julialee8530@naver.com

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