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What Do You Like About The School Cafeteria?

As Changwon University is quite big in size, there are 3 cafeterias on campus. They are located at Bong-lim, Sa-rim and in the dormitory. It might not be easy to choose which cafeteria you should go to because they offer different food, are equipped with different utilities, and are far away from each other. There are some statistics based on surveys from campus students about their choices. This might help you.

The answers to the first question, “which cafeteria do you use most often?”, showed a very balanced ratio. Each of the Dormitory, Bong-rim, and Sa-rim cafeterias received nearly one third of the vote. Sa-rim was slightly higher than the others even though Bong-rim is located in the center of the campus. But considering there are many buildings which are closest to Sa-rim cafeteria, it is not odd.

According to the survey, most students use cafeterias regularly. 89.7% of students answered that they use cafeterias at least once a week, and only 11.3% answered that they never use them. 45.4% of students, which is close to half, answered they use cafeteria once or twice a week. 27% answered that they use 3 to 5 times a week, and 16.3% answered they use cafeterias more than 6 times a week.

While most students use cafeterias quite often, the answers to the following question do not say that students actually enjoy using cafeteria. With the question “Why do you prefer the cafeteria you chose?”, 73% answered because it is the closest one. 23% answered because it is cheaper than outside restaurants, and 17% answered it is better than the other two cafeterias. No one answered that the food is delicious.

Students say that using cafeterias everyday does not mean they are satisfied with them, but feel that there are still things can be improved on. Here are some often mentioned ideas.

*Bong-rim has two ticket vending machines. Since they work with electronic devices, the process of ordering is much faster and easier. Why is only one of the three cafeterias equipped with better utilities? We are impatiently waiting to see the improved system in Sa-rim and the dormitory cafeteria too.

*It is understandable making food in a cafeteria that is as delicious as a normal restaurant can be hard since they have to cook hundreds, maybe thousands of servings for each meal. Even so, not compared to restaurants, but to other cafeterias in other universities, our cafeterias do not have delicious food. There are many people who work in the cafeteria. But if they say it is too busy to care about the taste, they need to consider hiring more people.

*The price of food is rising continuously. One of the main purposes of having a cafeteria on campus is to provide meals to students with less financial pressure. Now the main dishes are between 3,000 and 4,000 won, which is not much cheaper than normal lunch meals we can find off campus. If the price rises again, the only reason we might use the cafeteria would be because we do not have enough time to go off campus for a decent meal.

*Anyone who has tried lunch at Bong-rim knows how the waiting line gets unorganized. It is nice to have ordering vending machines. But since no one is in charge of giving out food tickets, nobody controls how people stand line. It would be much better if someone guided it or at least put some foot print stickers on the floor.

By Han Si-in, cub-reporter

▲ The results of the survey "How Often Do You Use Cafeterias on Campus?”

Han Si-In  siin0517@naver.com

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