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Useful Applications and Websites for International Students
  • By Lee Jae-seon, cub-reporter
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Each new school year starts with throbbing hearts and anxious minds. Now, two months have passed for students at Changwon University. It must have been very hard adapting to the new environment because International students do not have much information. I am sure that it is not easy to ask for help from other Korean friends and older students. Therefore, I have gathered some essential applications and websites to rescue you from this new, unfamiliar experience.


It is an application named "Everytime". It is one of the essential applications for Korean College students. More than 100 universities use it to provide class schedules and data. So, students can simply manage their schedules and create class timetables. Students also can prepare for enrollment. Since it allows creating several timetables in the same semester, students can prepare multiple preliminary schedules before enrollment and can also read the class evaluations from previous students. In addition, having different subjects in each day, most students might be confusedabout their schedules and classrooms but this application provides widgets to display one's timetable with subjects and room numbers on the wallpaper of their phone. Moreover, there is a community menu. This application community is the most active student community in many universities through the anonymous system for safe conversation between students who have been accredited by the school and the community platform. It includes various bulletin boards which you can get some information about freshmen community, alumni community, secret community, and so on. All students who are approved can freely ask questions anonymously in the community. Furthermore, students take note of information about the subjects, trade used textbooks with students, and other functions.


This is student’s portal for Changwon University students. On the main page of the website, the icon with graduation cap provides Bachelor's information. It offers students' schedule, final grade, syllabus, scholarships, and more. Students can also register for theirstudent ID, request changing one’s major and apply for leave of absence from the Bachelor’s information page. Furthermore, there is a lecture community icon on the upper side of the main page. This community page is where students and professors can communicate. Students can also get the needed lecture information from professors. This portal updates campus news and other information about off campus activities such as part time jobs, car share, room share, and more. To access the portal easily, try to search for Changwon University and download it in the App Store. The application provides you with all school information and announcements, including your classes and credit units. You can also check out the various programs in the school through DreamCatch.


This application is a Smart Library Management System named "Clicker". Students can use this to enter Changwon University Library when the students do not have their student ID card. They can simply enter by scanning the QR code in the smart phone application. Students can also reserve their seats when they use the Reading Room. Students can see remaining time in the reading room and available seats without going directly to the library. Reserving a Study Room is possible. Study Rooms are used when students want to discuss the lectures or projects with one's friends or group members. In addition, student's bags are very heavy with their thick major books. Then, the library lockers will help students to have lighter bags during exam weeks and school days. Students can register for a library locker during term breaks for the next semester by simply following these steps:

1. Install "Clicker" application

2. Login

3. Click the "Locker Room" (Icon Image of key)

4. Apply for the Locker

Unfortunately, the lockers are limited so not all students can be assigned and theyare assigned randomly.


The printing system of Changwon University Library has changed from last year. The library adopted the Clopy system. The big advantage of Clopy is that inconvenient steps were removed. Last year, students needed to send an email or save it to a USB to print out documents but now students don’t have to do those steps. The procedures are posted on the wall near the printer but International students might be in a state of confusion at the complicated explanation. So, the new printer’s procedures are the following:

  1. First, visit www.clopy.changwon.ac.kr with the library computer.
  2. Download One Click Driver
  3. Make account and sign up
  4. Select the printers type and press print
  5. Type ID and password
  6. Check the print setting and check the price
  7. Go to printer
  8. Sign up on printer with your ID and password
  9. Select the documents and print

By Lee Jae-seon, cub-reporter

By Lee Jae-seon, cub-reporter  julialee8530@naver.com

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