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A First Step as a Student at Changwon University
  • By Seo Seong-il, reporter
  • 승인 2019.03.28 18:07
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In 2019, 19 new students entered Changwon University. Freshmen have just graduated from high school and are now college students. Let's find out what two first-year students who have attended CNWU for a month think about Changwon University.

Q : Please introduce yourself briefly?

J : I am Jeong Sue-Gyo, a freshman from Gimhae Jinyoung. I like playing soccer. I think by playing soccer I can make new friends. So my hobby is to get to know someone I don't know. I was originally a person who did not study, but I studied hard with my friends when I was in the third grade of high school. I was interested in studying and raising my test scores, and above all, I studied harder because I was changing. As a result, I got the grade I wanted to go to Changwon University. So I am taking classes in the department of trade because I wanted to study business and meet foreign people.

B : I am Ban Minhee, a 19 year-old who lives in Changwon. I tend to be shy, so I can't actively make friends. But my hobby is hanging out with my close friends. Because once I find a close friend, I try to maintain that friendship. My dream was to be a TV Show's Entertainment Writer. I like entertainment shows like 'SinSeoYuGi,' so I hoped to write scripts myself. However, I was not admitted to the department of journalism at Changwon University. Instead, I applied for the Global Business Department, which is likely to land me a good job.

Q : In what ways is college better than in high school?

J : In high school, I met a lot of people I had things in common with. But it was good to meet more diverse people in college. Also, there was pressure to study when I was in high school, but the pressure to study was removed after I went to college. I feel completely liberated. I think it is better than high school because there are individuals that represent the department.

B : The best thing about college is the freedom. Classes are also relatively easy, and meals don't have to be eaten at a fixed time. Also, in high school it was hard to get along with the older students. However, because I am in a department in the university, I can be close to the seniors. It is easier than in high school to meet diverse people.

Q : What is the difference between college life in reality and what you expected?

J : I learned about college life by watching dramas. I imagined university would be countless students taking classes without falling asleep, concentrating on the professor's class in a large cascaded classroom. In reality, however, college classes are not much different from a high school class, nor was the size of a classroom much larger. It was far from the hard-working university I had imagined. Also, I had romanticized laying on mats on campus, reading books on the lawn, and listening to music. But in reality, there were no such people, and the atmosphere is different. I had expectations for the school cafeteria. I thought there would be a lot of menus like a buffet, but it just came out like a meal, and the taste wasn't what I expected.

B : I also learned about college life through the drama ‘Cheese In the Trap’. So I thought there would be many handsome people. But in reality, there are no handsome seniors, no cool classmates. Instead, there are more couples on campus than I expected. Also, I am sad that college hasn’t met my expectations. I expected university streets to be crowded with parks, movie theaters, pretty cafes, and restaurants, many people and tall buildings, but in reality it is not.

Q : What are your goals from now until you graduate?

J : I want to make friends in every department. I hope to be friends with at least one student per department. Because I can learn things I don't know when I meet friends who study other fields, and I think it will be fun whenever I see them. Also, my goal is to experience the title 'President' while attending school. So far, I've done many other positions in my life, but I haven't been able to carry out a position as president. I want to do anything, whether I am the president of the student council, president of the business school, or president of the student council of my department.

B : To graduate on time without ever getting an F, and without a leave of absence. Another goal is to experience being part of a couple with someone who is 2 years older than me. I want to learn out about romance and love in college. Also, I really want to go to Hong Kong to travel abroad if possible, because I want to experience a casino in Hong Kong.

By Seo Seong-il, reporter  qlvmfl99@naver,com

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