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Entrance Ceremony for New Students, Spring Semester
  • By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter
  • 승인 2019.03.15 18:03
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▲ Entrance ceremony

Are you enjoying campus life during the first semester of 2019? There was not only a freshman entrance ceremony for Korean students, but also an entrance ceremony for foreign students was held on March 4. For this event, Korean students from the International Student Council and teachers from the International affairs department worked hard. To communicate in various languages, such as Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese, they studied and memorized some greeting phrases. They introduced international student associations in various languages as well and tried to approach them with enthusiasm. So let’s go to the day of the Entrance ceremony for foreign students and listen to 4 students’ stories about their goals and how they felt about the ceremony.

The first part of the ceremony was “Opening & Communicative Performance.” Korean students began the opening ceremony by checking the list and the number of students, guiding them to their seats. And then, there was a congratulatory performance by Lee Dasol of ISC. As Chinese students were heavily involved, she sang Chinese songs to encourage students' interest. Second, there was a “a decade of admittance & oath of new study.” This means that "a declaration was made that 21 undergraduate students, 11 graduate students, 15 doctoral students, 21 exchange students, and 11 foreign students will be admitted to the Korean Language Institute in the first semester of 2019." On behalf of the foreign entrants, Tran An-Tai (Dept. of International Relations) was sworn in. Students solemnly swore that will abide by the school rules while they are in school and do their duty as students to further the traditions of Changwon University. Thirdly, they introduced the director of the International Affairs. Lastly, they introduced the Changwon Jungbu police for their safety and closed the ceremony.

Wang Xinran (Dept. of Korean Language & Literature)

I’m a freshmen and exchange student in this university. I arrived here from China in 2018 September. Actually the Entrance ceremony contained really helpful things. My purpose is to get A grades throughout this semester. And in this term, I want to pass TOPIK and TOELF because I want to be a postgraduate in Korean. I want to have more fun so I want to participate in different club activities.

Ma Niamnchen (Dept. of Advertisement)

I’m in my sophomore year. I have been here since last August as an exchange student from China. I want to speak Korean fluently and do something that I have never done before. I’m sure it will be a challenge for me. And actually since I arrived here, it's really has been a challenge. It's really important for me to experience Korean culture now. The entrance ceremony was the first time I participated in a Changwon University event. In fact, everyone did well. Professors and Korean students are cute and kind to us. The atmosphere here is beyond my imagination. I just want to say that ISC was excellent. It's a pity there's only one event that I experienced. I am looking forward to experiencing more wonderful things.

Gao Yuhao (Dept. of International Trade)

It has been more than a year since I came to Korea, but I’m a freshmen in this year. My first goal here is to graduate this university. I came here because my close brother graduated Changwon University. During entrance ceremony, professors as well as teachers of the Korean language school helped me to make a timetable for my classes. Also, I want to say thanks to them for being kind and helpful. In particular, the ISC seemed to have prepared a lot for the entrance ceremony. I hope I have a chance to foster close relationships with other Korean students and foreign students. There is nothing difficult about living here except communicating in my immature Korean.

Chen yi-ya (Korean Language School)

My dream is to learn various languages because I want to be a flight attendant. So I came to study Korean, and want to get a grade of Topic 6. This is the first entrance ceremony since I came last September. The most memorable thing is the Korean student who sang a song. I was impressed by the introduction of students in various languages. The inconvenience here is that the dormitory has a curfew. Also, I can't make Korean friends at the Korean Language School. It’s very ironic. Except for Korean teachers, there are not many opportunities to talk with Korean friends. So, I hope I get a lot of opportunities to talk and practice Korean. It's nice to meet a good helper, but it's even worse when I meet an irresponsible helper. Finally, when foreigners first come to Korea, they may not be able to adapt to the environment. So, let them know where the store, hospital, or school structure is where they can buy the goods they need.

By Lee Yeon-ju, reporter  rosielee@kakao.com

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