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Yesterday and Today on CUB's Cultural Broadcast.
  • By Seo Seong-Il, reporter
  • 승인 2019.03.15 14:16
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The Changwon University press includes The Changwon University Newspaper, The Campus Journal, and the Changwon University Broadcast (CUB). CUB is responsible for radio broadcasting at Changwon University and various cultural broadcasting and reporting. Let's find out what CUB did last year, and what's changed this year, through the talented announcer Byeon Seol Hyang.

Q : What made you join CUB?

I became interested in broadcasting while I was in the broadcasting department of high school, and I wanted to learn about broadcasting when I went to college. But I didn't go to the department of Newspaper Broadcasting. So, I decided to join the university broadcasting station where I could learn technology, production, and announcing together. When I found the school, there was a school general broadcasting station CUB and I joined.

Q : You've reported for CUB's "Do Follow Me" section. What was good and what was difficult about your experiences last year?

"Do Follow Me" was a show that interviewed the sports clubs of Changwon University. It was harder to invite other clubs than I thought. Overall, I think the process of inviting sports clubs and turning the conversations into broadcasting material was difficult. And I had braces last year. Which made difficult to proceed with correct pronunciation. But there were also good moments. I was a person who never exercised. ‘I had a chance to take care of my physical strength and exercise because of 'Do Follow Me.' If it was a good time for me to build up my physical strength, I think the show was a good place to promote different clubs on campus.

Q : Is this year's ‘Do Follow Me’ reorganized or changed compared to last year?

Unfortunately, instead of ‘Do Follow Me’, there will be a new cultural broadcast called ‘Ask Me Anything’. Ask Me Anything' is a broadcast that announcer solves what friends at Changwon University are curious about. If students report what I was curious about on Facebook Cub page, I will solve this broadcast. It can solve any concerns and questions, so I ask you to participate.

Q : I know you're an announcer as well. What does a CUB announcer do?

Two to three lunches a week (1:15 to 1:30) and evening (5:45 to 06:15), I have radio broadcasts. In addition to recording news narration, I also appear on the news and acts as a reporter. Once a week, the Production Department, the Technology Department and the Announcer Department all gather to hold an hour long meeting, and give each other feedback.

Q : Are there any changes to the CUB compared to last year?

Last year, the cultural broadcasting network performed three things: ‘Chang's fearsome Live’, ‘Q&A’, and ‘Do Follow Me’. This semester, Kim Min-chan, will be hosting ‘Chanskychin,’ which is cooking show with simple recipes, and I am hosting ‘Ask me anything’. Nothing but a more harmonious atmosphere has changed except the reorganization of the program. I think you should pay more attention to CUB's actions from now on.

Q : I know you are recruiting CUB trainees by March 22. Can I know more about recruiting in detail?

First of all, you don't need to know anything about broadcasting. Anyone can apply as long as they are sincere and passionate. When you enter the CUB training center, you participate in one semester radio listening and meeting. And during the summer vacation, you will be able to participate in the broadcast directly after having a three-week training session with the managers and the members of the official broadcasting station. If you become a CUB member, you can receive scholarships. Besides, the National Assembly has a family atmosphere, so I hope you can come join us and have fun.

▲ a Byeon Seol Hyang announcer preparing for the broadcast.

By Seo Seong-Il, reporter  qlvmfl99@naver.com

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