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Earning Money with Masters Degree

Many people may think that they have to study in university to have masters or a doctorate degree. But there is another way to have those opportunities while earning salary. For example, Daedeock Science Town and Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute can award masters degree by cooperating with government institutes. Students not only do research but also work with other companies. So working in these institutes is another opportunity for people who want to study but need to make a salary at the same time. Gwon Min-gwan who is majoring in electrical engineering is about to graduate. He is going to research and earn money at Korea Electrotechnology in March. Let’s talk with Gwon!

Q: What made you decide to get a masters degree?

In the beginning of 2018, I planned to have a good job. So I studied hard last year. I realized that my electrical knowledge which I learned in university was not enough. The more I studied the more I gained a desire to achieve deep knowledge. But the biggest obstacle was that I couldn’t afford to get a masters degree. As you know, many Korean parents support their children, but it is little bit burden for them. I have always dreamt that I will help my parents and give them some of my money. Also getting a job now is easier because studying a specific part of electrical engineering means my choices will be limited when I apply for a job in the future. While I was thinking about that, I found an advertisement which was looking for a people who want to study and work at Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute. That was the best opportunity for me: work and study together.

Q: What is your project at the Electrotechnology Research Institute?

Each person has a PhD researcher who is in charge. My PhD researcher has two projects which are about motor control. I will take part in developing a motor for a big ship and drone which can carry people and also heavy objects. I am expecting to study about those!

Q: What would you like to say to people who want to go to graduate school?

Just go for it, if you stand a crossroads to study or not. The most important thing is to have a passion for learning. If you think that graduate school is not right for you during your master’s course, you can just stop it. Don’t be afraid; just follow your heart.

By Park Jun-ho, reporter

▲Motor control experimen

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